Fair Warning: the Dangers of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Truly, there’s no pain like the pain coming from your wisdom teeth. Looking at things in the mirror makes it only worse. Your suddenly-aggressive wisdom tooth is outmuscling other teeth, poking through your gums. Be wary, though. Things could get worse before they get better.

Emerging wisdom tooth is a common occurrence for young adults age 17 to 25. It’s the last adult teeth that erupt inside our mouths. It’s all fine and dandy. The problem starts when it has no space to go to. A trapped third molar is called an impacted wisdom tooth. And it comes with tons of health risks.

In general, if your wisdom tooth is impacted, it is usually because your jaw has no room for an extra molar. So for individuals whose jaw structure is small, the chances of having an impacted wisdom tooth are high. And most of the time, it grows at a weird angle, which can also make it impacted.

Your dentist can quickly tell if you have impacted wisdom teeth or other problems with your teeth. An X-ray of your mouth should reveal this. Like it or not, an impacted wisdom tooth is a serious issue you have to contend with. Here’s giving you a head start.

Overcrowded Teeth

The risk of having an infection inside the mouth is high, especially when your wisdom tooth is pushing against another molar. Thus, all that pushing can cause damage to the second molar.

This unwanted pressure can cause a domino effect, and crowding with other teeth follows. When that happens, the overall structure of your teeth is compromised.

The worse part? Overcrowded teeth can lead to eating discomfort, lisping, and lower self-esteem.

A good way to solve this issue is to drop your oral surgeon a visit and get a wisdom tooth removal in the soonest possible time. Never worry, though. The extraction of wisdom teeth is completely safe. Chances are, you’ll sleep like a baby throughout the procedure.

It’s paramount you deal with the issue quickly. Removing impacted wisdom teeth helps you prevent untoward complications in the future.

Tooth Decay

It seems that people dealing with partially impacted teeth appear to be at a higher risk of tooth decay. This is most probably because it is difficult to clean hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. In turn, this results in bacteria and food getting trapped within your gums. Add a partially erupted molar to the picture, and tooth decay could worsen.

dentist checking

That’s why you should make a habit of practicing proper oral hygiene. We’re talking about flossing, brushing your teeth, and rinsing them with mouthwash. Done regularly, these oral maintenance measures control and prevent tooth decay and plaque build-up.

Cyst Formation

First of all, the sac that comes with the wisdom tooth can be filled with fluid. When that happens, a cyst develops. This complicates things because not only will untimely cyst cause damage to your teeth, nerves, and jawbone, but it can also form a tumor, albeit rarely. And although rare, tumors are still one of the complications that come with the formation of a cyst in your wisdom tooth.

Your oral surgeon may require you to perform a treatment that involves the removal of bone and tissue. Again, with a certified dentist, you’re in safe hands. There is nothing to fear because the procedure is completely safe.

Gum Diseases

Because an impacted or a partially erupted molar is very difficult to clean, it has a high risk of evolving into an inflammatory gum problem called pericoronitis. This condition is more common in the tissues surrounding the lower molar than the upper molar. It usually starts with swelling on your gums or difficulty in swallowing.

Usually, your dentist will recommend extracting the impacted tooth or removing the flap based on different factors. But both these procedures are proven to be effective and safe to do.

Once your wisdom tooth issues are taken care of, congratulate yourself. You have overcome a problem that could have caused you countless sleepless nights and tons of lost confidence. Now you can show the world all your happiness made visible via your beautiful smile.

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