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What is family law?

When family matters cross to legal one’s, the situation is often strained and complex. Family law has many subdivisions but all pertain to the legal responsibility of family members to one another and the creation or dissolving of those agreements. Such laws cover marriage, adoption or surrogacy agreements as well as the growing body of law related to elderly care and the transfer of powers of attorney, living wills and elderly safeguarding.

The consequences of those agreements and advocating for the client results in cases involving child custody, adoption rights, elderly care responsibilities and paternity support obligations. There is a significant interaction between family and criminal law when it comes to crimes against minors, domestic abuse and sexual offences, as well as family law ramifications when crimes are committed by minors. The role of legal support can become intermeshed with paternity cases and the use of family solicitors in Portsmouth to interact with child services and establish visitation rights. In cases involving media attention, a solicitor can be used to talk on behalf of the family to ensure a degree of privacy

Sometimes, guidance from a solicitor is used before or when drafting such agreements like a prenuptial agreement or to file for divorce. This is particularly important when land and housing property needs to be partitioned or re-disputed or to negotiate the rate of child support payments.

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Children and family law

As in most family law cases involving children, both parties will seek out solicitors to negotiate for them as usually, they cannot come to a mutual agreement. The training and skill of your representative can have a significant impact on the outcome and although self-representation is possible, it is not recommended. Breaking some family law can have criminal consequences, such as failing to permit visitation or failing to return after the visitation can result in abduction charges.

The are subspecialties and if your situation involves assisted reproduction, adoption and paid or voluntary surrogacy, it would be wise to seek out a specialist rather than a general family solicitor. The protection of children and conflicting parental rights, mixed with hostility between the parties, can make the legal proceedings very drawn out and complicated.

There are also cases in opposition to child services and government agencies where their oversight of a child is disputed by a parent. As well as disputes between adopted and biological parents over child custody, children who have been charged with a criminal offence are often legally counselled by a family law solicitor with a subspeciality in cases where the defendant is a minor.

The challenging needs of an ageing population have led to the growth of family law, protecting the rights of older and vulnerable adults from denial of care, fraud and coercion, as well as ensuring that their wishes are considered, even if the capacity to communicate or reason is impaired.

Family solicitors can assess with the drawing up of living wills and start last wills, as well as communicating complicated ideas to their clients while advocating for them. So, they are well worth investing in!

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