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Feline Love: Signs that Your Cat Loves You

Cats have a reputation. They are fastidious. They are elegant. Also, they can be funny when they feel like it. They have different personalities, meaning that there is a cat for everyone. They make a perfect companion, especially if you are looking for a pet that does not require high levels of maintenance and care. However, if there is one characteristic that makes them notorious, it is their snobbish attitude.

Cats can be snobbish, but that does not mean that they do not have feelings for you. Their snobbery is often what repels potential cat owners. However, if you are patient enough to observe their attitude and you truly love them, you will discover that they actually have their own way of telling you that they love you. They have ways of showing their appreciation for your care and willingness to feed them with healthy cat food. Here are some of the signs that your cat adores you:

Sign #1: They give you kisses

There might be times when you catch your cat staring at you and just meowing with wonder. Also, there are times when you see them just staring at you quietly; you can even notice that they are giving you long blinks and squints. When you always witness this, be thankful. Your cat actually loves you. This is called the “eye kiss,” and cats do it when they trust a person or when they feel safe around you. Give them a reply by also giving a slow blink. They might even blink back again.

Sign #2: They bring you presents

Believe it or not, your cat actually brings you present—you just do not appreciate them. There are times when your cat will bring you dead mice and birds. You might be grossed out, and that’s understandable. Nonetheless, in cat language, they are actually bringing you present. They either think that you do not know how to hunt on your own or you just need some treats.

Sign #3: They massage you

Cat lying on its backHave you ever noticed that when your cat climbs your lap, it starts “massaging” you with its claws? That is actually called kneading. Some experts believe that kneading originates from a cat’s kitten phase when they knead their mom’s underside to stimulate the flow of milk. Cats might have associated this action with satisfying things, which is why they massage you.

Sign #4: They purr

Of course, the classic purr will not be missed on this list. Cats show contentment and happiness when they go beside you, start resting, and then start purring—that low vibration-like sound that you can hear and feel. Enjoy this moment as they are actually telling you that you are their haven.

In the end, there are other signs that your cat loves you, such as exposing their belly or bumping your head or hands with their head. With that in mind, you might want to observe your cat’s actions because they actually have their own way of saying “I love you!”

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