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Eating healthy is a great way to lose weight, but you can make your fitness plan more effective when you accompany it with exercise. Exercise is vital when building muscle, maintaining a fit body, or regaining flexibility and agility. But you have to perform different routines on various sessions to make your workouts a success.

When crafting your routine, you need to find the right drills that will help you lose the extra weight and build muscle without adding too much strain to your body. Finding a well-balanced routine depends on your goals and the amount of effort you’re willing to exert. To start your journey to physical fitness, here are some exercises you can begin with.


To build endurance, you must immerse yourself in incredibly intense exercises. Although this is not necessary, committing to intense cardio sessions can help you improve your stamina and give you an idea about your limits. That way, you can keep pushing yourself little by little. Some popular cardio workouts are jogging, running, and walking; these exercises are light compared to high-intensity workouts, making them the ideal starters for any routine.

Strength Training

If your motivation to work out is to get fit, adding some strength training exercises to your fitness sessions will help you achieve that. Strength training routines set you in a strenuous session that will help push your limits and burn the calories you do not want in your body. Just like cardio, this improves your endurance and increases your strength, allowing you to take on more challenging routines in the future. This workout focuses on your core, and some of its common drills include squats, bridges, planks, and sit-ups.

Muscle Building

For a healthier-looking physique, one needs to put on muscles, and once you have conquered some strength training exercises, you can proceed to routines that focus on toning and building. Although you can perform muscle-building exercises without equipment, using tools can help you build resistance faster. The key to this kind of training is resistance — from using dumbbells, resistance bands, and machines, whichever equipment that will make your strength training workouts more challenging will help you build and tone different muscle groups.

Balance Enhancing

balance concept

When you are fully immersed in your training sessions, it’s sometimes easy to solely focus on these task at hand and subject yourself to injury. It is a fact that working out presents dangerous situations since you’ll be dealing with dynamic physical activities and hefty equipment. To help keep yourself safe during your sessions, you can also add balance exercises to your routines.

True to its name, this type of exercise improves your balance, reduces your risk of injuring your lower extremities, and strengthens your proprioception. Tai chi is an example of a balance exercise. It is performed by shifting your weight in various positions to promote stability.

High-intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an exercise that’s perfect for busy individuals because it aims to burn ample amounts of calories within a short period. Though you spend less time engaging in physical activities, High-Intensity Interval Training can help you burn the same amount of calories or even more than a regular workout. With HIIT, your metabolic rate increases after working out, allowing you to shed the unwanted weight, plus it is also helpful in building and toning your muscles.


Your exercise routine should not solely focus on the cosmetic upgrades it can give you. You should also perform ones that will help you become mentally healthy. Aside from benefitting your mental health, you also ought to look for routines that will make you more flexible to do your other exercises better. Pilates and yoga are some go-to types of exercise you can engage in.

Combining meditation and exercise, yoga and Pilates are on the more relaxed side of workouts and prioritizes your comfort above all. For yoga, you can do preparations similar to meditation, like staying in a quiet room with a suitable temperature. So if you have a room with a faulty AC, have it fixed by an AC repair service to start your sessions right away.


To prevent injury and as a way to cool down from your exercises, whether they’re intensive or light, you should always do some stretching before and after your routines. Stretches help prepare you for the exercises you’re about to perform by loosening up your muscles and relieving tension, which ultimately helps you move easier during sessions. It also aids in reducing muscle soreness and hastening your recovery time, especially after an exercise.

Healthy eating and regular exercise go hand in hand. When these things are balanced perfectly, and with the right motivation, you can achieve a fitter physique and live a healthier lifestyle.

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