Fixing Your Home Equipment Before They Break Down

Your household devices will blindside you with unexpected breakdowns, regardless of how carefully you use them. From the fridge and dryer to washing machines, you need to keep all your gadgets in top condition with the tips below to save you the money and hassle of repairing or replacing them. However, once in a while, you will require experts of water heaters from Orem for professional services.

1. Replace Your Washing Machine Hoses and Avoid Flooding

Homeowners in the U.S. suffer more than $170 million in water damage due to water damage caused by washing machine hose failures. A leading insurance firm advises its customers to make regular inspections of their washing machine hoses to ensure they are securely connected and in good condition.

Leaving a clearance of at least four inches from the back of the washing machine to its water connection reduces the chance of kinking. Cracks and leaks at connections are common, so you should replace any hoses that are more than four years old. Investing as little as $20 in stainless steel-braided tubes will save you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

2. Clean Out Fridge Coils Before Their Performance Deteriorates

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The coils found behind or underneath a refrigerator attract pet hair, dust, and debris. Not only are these deposits an eyesore, but they also restrict airflow, making your refrigerator work harder, reduce its efficiency, and shorten its useful lifespan.

A $10 coil brush available at many home centers will effectively clean the coils of older refrigerators. While it may not be necessary if you have a newer device, most fridges need cleaning at least twice a year. What’s more, cleaning the refrigerator coils will boost the appliance’s energy efficiency and lower your power bills.

3. Remove Lint in Your Dryer Before It Catches Fire

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are approximately 15,600 clothes dryer fires every year. A major reason for these fires is lint caught in the trap, vent, and other areas near the device since lint is highly flammable. If you find that your clothes take longer than you expect to dry or your device feels hot to the touch, then the vent could be obstructed.

Cleaning the lint trap is a smooth, step-by-step operation:

    • Unplug your dryer
    • Uncouple the connector from the wall
    • Use vent-cleaner rods or a hand brush for an initial pass of the vent
    • Remove the front panel to clean the area near the burner or heating element

4. Carry out Regular Maintenance of Your Water Heater for Better Efficiency

There are several ways for you to increase your water heater’s efficiency and lengthen its useful lifespan. Some of them – setting the correct temperature and adding extra insulation – need to be done only once. However, there are other measures, such as checking the heater’s anode rod and flushing its tank that should be done every year.

Flushing the sediment from your heater’s tank will improve efficiency and lower power consumption. Water heater professionals will help maintain and ensure it’s adequately insulated to reduce heat loss and save your water-heating costs.

Get Your Devices Installed and Serviced By Qualified Experts

A plumbing, heating, air, and electrical expert will ensure proper installation of your water heaters. It will keep your other appliances, such as dryers and refrigerators, in tip-top condition. With expert preventive maintenance and careful use, you will enjoy the convenience of using your electrical appliances for many trouble-free years.

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