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Focusing on Safety this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and everyone is getting back to their vacation preparations just like how they did before the pandemic came. Even with the world opening to accommodate the public, specific health safety measures must still be upheld to avoid contracting the virus.

But for those staying at home and interacting only with close friends and family, there are still some lurking dangers in the festivities that everyone should look out for. So for this holiday season, here are some things you shouldn’t forget about as they can easily put you and your family in danger, even in the comfort of the home.

Air Conditioning

Your HVAC system will indeed be working around the clock during the holidays. Because of the cold outside, your heating system has to be in the best condition to avoid breaking down. Your exhausts and vents should also be working correctly because many people will be cooking a lot inside the home, decreasing the quality of air inside with all the smoke, vapor, and mixed smells. So it is crucial to have your HVAC repaired or checked for any damages that can become a hassle long before the stresses of the holidays come.

Fire Prevention

Fire is a big hazard during this season because of the many activities involving open flames. For one, many will be putting their fireplaces and chimneys back to work. Creosote and soot can cause uncontrollable fires, so having these places cleaned should help to prevent an accident. Cooking is another activity that constantly causes fire damages in the home, along with lit candles spread across rooms for decoration. Make sure that you always keep flammable items like your Christmas decorations, curtains, and even Christmas tree away from flames. Being cautious is always the key.

Flu Season

Aside from the problem that the coronavirus brought, families still have to worry about other possible diseases like the flu due to the cold season. Flu shots were discouraged from being taken at least after two weeks of getting the coronavirus vaccine. But this is recently approved to take both, even on the same day, but just on different arms. Other sicknesses like colds and coughs can be avoided generally by being healthy with the food you eat, regular exercise, and proper hygiene.

And don’t forget that we are still in a pandemic, so mask up when going out in public, keep at least six feet of distance from people who are not members of your household, and always wash your hands after touching items that others handled before you.

Food Hazards

The holiday seasons are filled with lots of food to enjoy. Many will cook up roasted dinners, meaty platters, and starchy sides, which sound nice but may not be the best for the health. Making healthy meals for the entire family should help to avoid getting stomachaches, bloats, choking, and even becoming overweight within the course of a few weeks, along with self-control while eating throughout the season.

Some people with health complications like the elderly, those with weight problems, and other diseases affected by food intake should continue watching their diets. No celebration should be used as a cheat day if you are prescribed by a doctor to always eat healthily.

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Most holiday celebrations will be also be filled with alcohol which can be dangerous if taken in large amounts. Intoxication can lead to loss of consciousness or temperamental issues that can quickly turn your party into a mess. As much as possible, try to limit the alcohol in your celebration to a healthy dose for everyone to enjoy.


Other accidents are also common during the holidays. Some of them involve driving accidents, drunken fights, slips over icy floors, and many others. Some of these can be prevented but for those that are not entirely avoidable, being careful is the only way. Keeping a first aid kit within the area of your celebration and being ready to call the authorities should keep accidents from worsening once they do take place.

The holiday season can be enjoyable with the company of your friends and family. Food, drinks, gifts, and other forms of entertainment will make the season more fun as long as you are fully prepared against the many safety threats of the winter holidays. No matter where you are, it is always good to be cautious about dangers.

But do enjoy the holidays because we already missed a few celebrations last year when the pandemic was at its peak. Spend your time well with your loved ones as no one is sure about the future and how long the virus will keep hindering people’s lives. Keep safe and be ready for anything that comes our way.

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