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For Girls: 5 First Date Tips After Meeting Online

Nowadays, everything can be done in an instant. With technology, you can send messages and even find a date in just a matter of seconds or minutes. An app for matchmaking makes it easy for both boys and girls to find someone special. But when they do, they should know how to handle the first date.

As a girl, you should also know the basics of flirting. It’s is a way to give the guy the impression that you like him. It’s like telling him that you don’t just want to be his friend or acquaintance. Here are five first date tips for you:

1. Maintain eye contact

Sometimes, you will find it hard to look at someone’s eyes, especially if it is the first time you meet him. But maintaining eye contact with a guy will reveal your true intention and sincerity. Look at him when he talks, nods, or when he needs acknowledgment. But be careful, you might overdo this by staring too much. It might scare the guy, so be aware of how intently you are looking.

2. Initiate the first conversation

There is nothing wrong if you make the first move to approach a guy. Maintaining a good conversation with a guy depends on how you carry it comfortably. You should take the time to discover your common ground with the guy, and always remember to not talk too much about yourself. Ask questions to engage him in a good conversation.

It is important that you know yourself. This way, you’ll be able to show the real you. You won’t need to pretend in front of him. Topics will flow naturally as you talk. As long as you both are real, you can show your real intention and interest. You’ll be able to acknowledge everything about him with a smile.

3. Wear decent clothes

Woman choosing between two dressesMost dating tips require girls to show “skin.” It’s not a bad tip, but if you do wear something revealing, you should keep a reasonable distance, so both of you won’t be uncomfortable with each other.

The way you dress can suggest that you demand respect. Make sure that your clothes show the real you. It’s okay if it’s a little revealing, as long as you’re comfortable with it. With this, the guy will be comfortable with you as well.

4. Stop moving restlessly

Body language tells more about your personality than verbal language does. Moving uncomfortably can be distracting, as it shows nervousness. You should relax. Do some hand gestures when you talk. This way, you won’t feel much tension.

5. Have a good sense of humor

This is repeatedly stated in dating tips because it can be really effective. A girl with a sense of humor is very popular to guys. This will make him realize that you are fun to be with. Having a good laugh will release all the tension and awkwardness between the two of you. The things that you should always do while on a date is to smile and laugh. Just don’t overdo it.

It is not impossible for girls to make the first move. They have their way of making guys fall in love with them. As long as they show their true selves, they will surely get the guy meant for them. Hopefully, these tips would not only help them deal with guys, but also with the people around them.

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