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Life Guide: Four Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a lot of changes in the way people live. Sadly, most of these changes have not been good. And chances are many of you have been feeling down lately. Your minds are filled with negative thoughts more than ever before. Moments of self-doubt have also been coming in one after another.

Yes, it’s normal to be this way because of these uncertain times, but you need to get yourself out of this funk as soon as you can. And one way you can do this is by feeling good about yourself. Read on for four useful tips.

Stay fit and active

First, you need to stay fit and active. But how will this make you feel good about yourself? Well, for one, being fit and active will obviously keep your body in great shape. What’s more, it’ll boost your mood and energy. Of course, exercising regularly is still the best way to stay fit and active. So go to the gym, jog around your neighborhood, or do whatever physical activity you do as a form of exercise.

But you know what? Even simple daily activities can already help you stay fit and active. At work, request a desk with adjustable height so you can also stand while doing your job. If you’re going just 2-4 floors up or down, use the stairs instead of an elevator. When you’re at home, stand up and stretch while watching your favorite TV show or chatting with a family member or friend on the phone.

Make yourself look good

Second, make yourself look good. It goes without saying that when you look good, you also feel good and confident about yourself. For starters, be sure that you’re eating right, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough quality sleep so your skin will look young and healthy. Plus, don’t forget to use skincare products such as moisturizers and body lotions and get deep-cleaning facials.

It would also help to have your hair, eyebrows, and nails professionally done (this goes for the guys, too!) once in a while. You can go to licensed clinics to get Juvederm injections, dental veneers, and other beauty treatments as well. The clothes you wear will likewise matter, but you don’t need to be like a supermodel to look good. Just wear clothes that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in, and you should be good to go.

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Have positive thoughts

Third, you should strive to always have positive thoughts. Everyone knows that life can be such a downer sometimes, but you’ll always feel good about yourself if you stay positive. While it’s impossible to have zero negative thoughts in your mind, you can learn how to quickly forget about them and just focus on the positive side of things. For example, if you didn’t get a job promotion, don’t dwell on not being good enough for the position.

Instead, appreciate that you’ll still be able to do the job you’re already good at and think that there’ll surely be other promotion opportunities for you in the future. If you spilled coffee all over your shirt, well, your boring plain shirt would at least have a design. In short, be a glass-half-full type of person. You’ll find that it’ll make you happier and more content.

Surround yourself with good-hearted people

Fourth, surround yourself with good-hearted people. A person who has a kind and generous heart will not bring other people down. They’ll instead lift you up, helping make you feel good about yourself. Nothing makes you feel more loved and appreciated than hearing your parents say that they’re proud of you, right? Surely, your best bud is better than a drill sergeant at motivating you to go for that one last bench press rep. And you always feel great every time one of the kids you coach at the community basketball league gives you a smile and two thumbs up after making a basket.

But do keep in mind that being good-hearted goes both ways and even extends to other people. So when your best friend’s feeling down, be there to cheer your pal up. Then, make random people’s day better by smiling and wishing them a good day.

Feel Good About Yourself

Like almost everyone else, you probably didn’t have a good year and a half because of the pandemic. But you need to get yourself out of your funk so that the coming days, weeks, and months will be better for you. The good thing is that you can do this in one straightforward way: feeling good about yourself.

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