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Functional Bathroom Features to Change for Improved Aesthetics

The bathroom is one of the most essential places in the whole house. Without it, you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere comfortable and private enough to bathe and relieve yourself in. That is partly why the number of bathrooms is usually disclosed in descriptions for residential units for sale.

However, it is also normally compact, so everything in it needs to have a function, or you will be wasting space. But if you find that your bathroom is lacking in visual appeal, then you can make a change to the following parts and still keep the functionality you need.

Vanities and Sinks

One of the main features of the bathroom is the sink. This is where you wash your hands and your face, as well as the place where you brush your teeth. If you find yours a little too plain for your tastes, there are a lot of stylish choices available in various stores in the area.

You do not even have to stick to just sinks. Bathroom luxuries and vanities can also become attractive yet functional choices. Not only do they serve as a platform for sinks, but they can also be used as additional storage.


Tiles are to your bathroom as a coat of paint is to the rest of the walls in your house. They help protect the other parts of the house from damage, considering that there is a lot of water involved. They also come in a lot of different colours and even patterns, so you do not have to stick to anything that is just plain white.

All you have to do now is look for and hire people who will do the renovations for you. It will not be wise for you to do it yourself as it will take quite a bit of specialised work.

bath tub and shower area

Showers and Tubs

Another main feature of the bathroom is the area in which you bathe yourself. Many homes have a shower system, a tub, or both. If you want to update the look of your bathroom, then you might want to consider replacing these. Tubs, in particular, have a lot of potential design-wise.

Doors and Handles

Bathrooms are supposed to be private places, so normally, you would want a door that will be able to keep other people out as well as prevent yourself from being seen. Like with the other parts of the house, you can also replace the one that leads to your bathroom.

There are many designs available for both the main panel and the handles. You do not have to stick to anything plain. Also, if you want a modern look, then you can experiment with materials and go for something like frosted glass.

If you ever choose to make any of these changes to update your bathroom’s look, consider if it will match the current look, so it does not become out of place. However, if you are thinking of going for a full-blown makeover, then you should plan everything out.

See if the upgrades that you are aiming to purchase go well with each other before you commit to anything. If you need to, and you probably do, contact a professional designer or contractor to handle the task for you.

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