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Gain Perfectly Aligned Teeth With Invisalign, Harley Street

Living with misaligned or crooked teeth is still a common issue amongst the adult population of the UK, many of whom may have been offered tooth alignment treatment in their teenage years, but were reluctant to engage with treatment for personal reasons.

As they have got older, some of those who refused to engage with treatment may have started to regret a decision made at an early stage of life. They may not have understood the long-term benefits of treatment, and they may start to feel they have missed the window of opportunity to receive the advantages this offers and have their teeth realigned. This simply is not the case as there are modern alignment therapies that are now available and aimed at adults.

Invisalign, Harley Street, is one of the more widely known modern treatments used to correct misaligned teeth for adults in the UK, which addresses all the concerns these adults may have had when offered treatment as teenagers.

Discretion is key

This new breed of aligner is made in a way that resolves one of the major concerns of any patient receiving tooth alignment treatment, as they will wish to receive treatment in a discreet way. Created using two clear sheets of strong and durable plastic, Invisalign really can offer the patient the privacy they may desire when receiving their treatment.

Once in place, the patient’s new aligner will appear to be hidden in plain sight, allowing them to receive treatment without others around them being able to spot the device when looking at them, face on. This may be the advantage in treatment that many reluctant patients have been looking for, meaning they may be more likely to engage with this treatment format.

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Resolving the common issues associated with misaligned teeth

When the teeth are not aligned correctly oral health and hygiene can become affected to a degree that other problems develop and become issues of concern. Tooth decay, plaque build-up, and gum disease are conditions that we know are associated with having misaligned teeth, as cleaning the teeth and gums can prove difficult when brushing and flossing.

Having the teeth aligned correctly can make them easier to keep clean via commonly used methods and in turn lessen the risk posed by common oral health issues. This will lead to any patient receiving treatment enjoying a heightened quality of oral hygiene.

It is also recognised that some who live with misaligned teeth may find that they have difficulties when eating, as they may suffer from a weakness in the bite. This can lead to these people struggling to bite into food and chewing it fully before swallowing.

Having the teeth fully aligned can help to build strength into the bite, allowing any patient receiving treatment to enjoy a more pleasurable experience of eating food.

For those who suffer from minor speech impediments, due to their misaligned teeth, tooth straightening treatment may be the answer they are looking for. Having the teeth aligned correctly can prove to be a practical solution to issues such as stammers and stutters.

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