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Games for Young Adults Who Dislike Leaving Their Homes on Weekends

Who says you have to go out to have a fun weekend? Invite your friends over for a day of hilarious and exciting games and challenges. No one will regret staying in!

Impression Challenge

This one’s a classic. Think of well-known personalities, from Disney characters to politicians, write the names on post-it notes, and toss them in a jar. Every person in the group will draw one paper from the container and each does an impression of their chosen personality.

For you to win the challenge, the rest of the group should be able to guess who you are trying to impersonate. It sounds simple, but you need a bit of talent and a ton of confidence to ace the game.

Want to add some twist? Instead of famous characters, use the names of your friends so that you will all do an impression of each other.  Imagine how hilarious that is going to be!

Chubby Bunny

Like the Impression Challenge, Chubby Bunny doesn’t get old. After all, it’s simple, fun, and involves eating our fave childhood treat. In case you’ve forgotten how to play it, here’s how.

All the participants must stuff as many marshmallows as they can to fill up their mouths. Without chewing or spitting out a single marshmallow, try to say “Chubby Bunny.” Heads-up: this game can be messy. Be sure to have a trash can and paper towels within reach.

What’s that Oreo

Speaking of games that give us an excuse to eat sweet treats, try What’s That Oreo. In this challenge, you have to keep your sense of taste sharp. We know that Oreos come in a number of different flavors, and sometimes, telling them apart can be hard.

Blindfold everyone in the group and have them pick an Oreo. Put their taste buds to test by making your friends guess what flavor they picked. The person with the most correct guesses wins.


By now, the group’s probably full (and sleepy) after all those goodies. Don’t let the energy escape the party. For a more exciting setting, take your friends to the backyard for a game of cornhole.

If you aren’t familiar with the mechanics, here’s a crash course. You and your friends will be divided into two teams. One after the other, each member will throw corn-filled bags onto a board with a large hole. If the bag landed and stayed on the board, you get one point. Every bag that goes into the hole gives you three points. The first to get a total of 21 points or beyond is the winning team.

Sounds fun? Everything you need, from boards to accessories, to play this game is on

Bite the Bag

All you need for this game is a paper bag. Everyone will take turns and try to pick the bag up by biting it. Only your mouth can touch the bag. For each round, the bag will be cut an inch smaller to raise the level of difficulty. Prepare a list of dares for those who fail to do the challenge.

There are more ways than one to have fun. With a dose of imagination and little to no materials, you and your friends are guaranteed to have a great time.

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