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Enhancing the Design of a Garden

Having a garden at home is quite useful these days, especially for people keen on keeping the stress levels due to the pandemic down. Aside from reducing stress, working in your garden also allows you to get you to improve your hand strength and strengthens your heart through the work put into the garden. You might want to make it look great so that you’ll be encouraged to spend time in it.

But sprucing up a garden can prove to be challenging if you have limited space. Despite this limitation, you have several options to enhance it. Here are some ways to enhance the design of a small garden.

Decorate with Furniture

You can make your small garden look good using furniture. But you should make sure not to clutter it and take up too much space. Setting up a European-style table set with chairs is a good option since they will not take as much space as large benches.

The stylish table and chairs do not only make your garden look great, but they also give you a place to sit while getting your daily dose of vitamin D. You can even have your breakfast of croissants and orange juice in the garden while thinking about the other things you can do to make it look better.

Take Advantage of Height

Since you cannot expand sideways, you can opt to go upwards. You typically use the walls of the house to set up cupboards, hang pictures, or fasten a mirror. You can do the same thing with your garden. Setting up a vertical garden is a good way to spruce up the limited space you have for the small patch of nature in your home.

The first thing you should do is to set up a wooden pallet along the walls and position plant pots on it until lush foliage covers it. But make sure the wooden pallet or any other vertical garden structure you set up is fastened properly to prevent it from falling over.

You can use perennial vines, such as the American bittersweet or Celastrus scandens, for your vertical garden. Fruiting vines like kiwi and Siberian gooseberries also adapt well to a vertical garden. You can even set up a vertical herb garden in the small garden in your home.

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Compartmentalize the Garden

A small garden does not mean you cannot create a hideaway within your patch of nature in your home. You can divide the garden into different sections using trellis or bamboo screens. Then, you can decorate each section with different types of plants. You can also put different types of furniture in each section and create hiding places within your garden.

Another option for compartmentalizing the garden is to use a set of 4×4 metal fence posts to separate or divide different areas. These posts can add a unique take on the design of the garden. Compartmentalizing the garden gives it an illusion of being bigger than it is.

Brighten Up the Garden

Using brightly colored plants can make your small garden look bigger and lighter. In this situation, you can use the Rudbeckia hirta or black-eyed Susan to brighten up dark areas in the garden. The Alyssum montanum is another option to add more light-colored plants to your garden.

Using cool colors, such as blues and light purples, can make your small garden feel bigger since they limit a person’s field of vision. If you want to make your garden have an intimate ambiance, you can use flowers with dark yellow or red colors.

Use Containers for the Plants

Using pots allows you to adjust the position of your plants easily in your garden. You can put flowering bedding plants in these pots and move them to a different location if you feel like changing the setup of the garden.

These containers are quite useful in a small garden since it allows you to easily maintain it and keep it clean. You can also make the necessary adjustments depending on your mood. Additionally, pots are also excellent for carrots, lettuce, beans, and tomatoes. These plants also give you a source of fresh produce in case you’re looking to have a healthy diet during the pandemic.

Plant Trees

Small trees that can fit in pots are also ideal to make your garden look great. Ornamental and decorative trees can transform small gardens into a Mediterranean paradise. Additionally, these trees can also give you privacy from any prying eyes that might want to check out what you have in your backyard.

A garden in the house is always a good idea since it offers many health benefits for you and your family.

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