Storm Damage

Getting Back Up: How to Properly Deal with Storm Damage

After a major storm, your house might be in a bad state. The wind can be quite damaging. It can tear off a weak roof or at least shear off of some of the shingles. It doesn’t help that strong winds can also carry debris that could do severe damage to your home’s exterior. Plus, there is the possible water damage from the storm. Overall, it will take much work to get your back in working condition. Here are a few tips on how to get the repairs done promptly.

Clean Things Up and Prioritize Safety

After the storm, you should then move to clean things up. There will see much debris around your house and might even have debris inside your house. All of these present a danger to you, so it is your job to clean things up. There are several things to look out for. Broken glass and exposed nails are common sights. You should also look at exposed electrical wires in your house even if the power is out. Outside, you need to check if there are any downed power lines. You’ll need to report those. Additionally, you might want to check for any gas leaks. Identifying problem areas should be your priority.

Assess the Damage

After you finish cleaning, it is time to do an inspection of your house. This will help identify all the damage to your home so that you can prioritize repairs for your home. To do the inspection, it is best to do it from the top down. Inspecting the roof should be pretty easy since it is visible from the ground. Any major damage to it should be visible. You should also inspect the inside of your attic if you have one.

With the roof done, you should move on to the sides of the house. For example, the wind might have torn the gutters and the piping. The walls may have damage if something large hit it during the storm. Windows are also another vulnerable location for your house, with the glass and the wooden frame being especially fragile. The glass can break from, or the frames crack, and this will need repairs.

Another part of your exterior to look at is the various doors of your house. Like your windows, they can suffer from storm damage. Finally, you’ll want to check your basement if you have one. This is to ensure there is no flooding or water damage.

Insurance Company

Call Up the Insurance Company

With a complete list of the damage to your home, it should give you an idea of what needs fixing and how much it will cost. It is best if you contact your insurance company with this list to see what they can help you with. Repairs are expensive, and you need to defray them as much as possible.

Know When to Call in Professionals

If you are thinking of doing the repairs yourself, you need to ask yourself honestly if you can do it. Sometimes, it is better just to pay experts to do the job. For example, it is easy enough to find window replacement services in Utah and other states. This is the same for other repair services.

Getting your home back into good condition is going to take quite a bit of work. The tips above should be a big help in the repairs. When you are done, you can be sure that you did the repairs right and that you were as efficient as possible.

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