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Glam Up Your Backyard in 4 Simple Ways

Is your backyard dull and empty and begging for that much needed makeover? Bring your backyard space to life and add a few touches of decorative elements that can bring out its super swanky hangout potential. Check out how we did ours below.

Added a Hot Spot

And no, we’re not talking about an outdoor online nook; we’re talking about an outdoor fire pit, which instantly brought a luxe feel to the desolate-looking backyard space of our Salt Lake City home. The idea of putting an outdoor fire pit came about as we were getting ready for winter and were toying with the idea of camping right outside our home.

After coming up with a few more ideas, we have decided to create a hotspot which we can use for warming up outdoors during the colder months of the year and for campfire nights outside, during the warmer season. This first step quickly turned things around and the dismal emptiness we’re used to seeing now has some sort of warmth and cozy ambience. We set up the surrounding area with some floor pillows over an outdoor rug, some low side tables and a low outdoor couch completes the space.

Added a Place for Dipping

What’s an outdoor makeover without adding a place for a pool. And because space is quite a challenge, we decided to install a plunge pool instead and fitted it out with jets, which made the pool multi-purpose. It’s a dipping pool, an exercise pool, and a jacuzzi in one. We added a few lounge chairs by the pool side, so now we have our own private spa. Home service spa, anyone?

Added Some Color


We added plants, hedging, and some tall slender trees to help purify the air that circulates within our space, add some privacy, and to soften the look of the space. Perennials are great because they last long and have colorful flowers, too. The hedging covers the unpainted side of our fence, while the tall slender trees line up the white painted wall that separates our space from next door. The effect of green on white is extremely relaxing to the eyes, it’s a simple way to come up with an excellent visual treat.

Setup a Multi-Purpose Outdoor Room

We have an underutilized corner on the other end of the yard, so we decided to install some wooden planks to create the flooring for our multi-purpose outdoor room. It serves as a tiny pool house, a reading space, a dining space that can sit 6 adults, and a guest room that sleeps two people. The couch is a mainstay in the space, while the dining table is a Murphy table that folds up against the wall to free up the space when it’s not in use. The rest of the dining chairs are stackable, so these can be piled up and stashed in the corner when not in use. The couch doubles as a sleeper that’s the size of a double bed, so it’s easy to convert the space into an outdoor dining room to a guest room.

With a backyard that’s designed with comfort and style, we’ve got one more reason to feel excited about coming home at the end of a long day. And it gives us one more good reason to stay home at the weekends, because with a backyard like that, we can enjoy the outdoors in our own private space, anytime we want.

You, too, can have an outdoor spot that’s stay-cation worthy and according to the teens, IG-worthy. Itching to breathe some life into your own backyard space? Let the planning and the designing begin! Make that space your new favorite hangout and get to enjoy the outdoors anytime you want, without ever having to leave the comforts of your home.

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