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Great Places to Get Inspiration From

When put to flesh or something tangible, our ideas in action become an extension of ourselves we can take pride in. However, everyone runs out of ideas at some point. Even the most creative writer will have writer’s block, and even the most innovative business executive will experience a slump. This is perfectly normal, as everyone goes through something of the sort at some point in their life. You may feel mentally tired or burnt out, and cannot think of fresh and exciting ideas for your art or work.

Thankfully, we live in a world full of inspiration. To tap this vast amount of resources, we simply need to see the world. Be the world. Travel and experience what the world (and its people) has to offer. And then from this experience that we gain, can we take inspiration to create our next project. While traveling far and wide is not always a viable option (either for money or other issues), it doesn’t mean that your inspiration should be limited. Where YOU are is the best place to get started right now, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Visit a Public Park

A public park is a place where people from different walks of life gather with a very little barrier between them. In a park, everyone is a ‘park-goer’ and no matter your background, you are a ‘park-goer’ that is equal to everyone else. Visiting a public park can help you receive inspiration because of the many people found within. You can watch people and learn from them. These people interact with each other and the world, making for great introspection and eventually, inspiration.

A Garden of Any Sort

Be it a fruit-bearing garden or a flower-garden, they’re both great places to visit and relax. It’s a popular wedding venue, and for good reason: the gardens are very serene and organic. The process of creation is at the forefront in the garden: from the smallest seed to the largest tree, everything here revolves around creating. Nature creates beautiful flowers and fruit-bearing plants, that in turn give us oxygen to breathe and food to consume. Being surround by creating can be an inspiring feeling, so maybe you should visit a garden next time.

An Old Library

scanning through books in the library

Libraries are filled with history and knowledge, the perfect place to draw inspiration from. Besides the wealth of knowledge contained within, libraries also have a very interesting atmosphere that is sure to stimulate your creative juices and get you going. Most libraries come with interesting architecture and ambiance, with interesting people of all kinds visiting them. Once you’ve gathered enough inspiration to generate ideas for your project, you’re also in the best place to research and draw plans. If you ever find yourself running out of ideas, try visiting a library and see if it plants any interesting ideas for you to try.

Stage Plays and Theater

In a world of instant access to a whole catalog of different kinds of movies, one may feel that watching a stage play is an archaic activity left only for those who have historical understanding and appreciation. But theater has always been and always will be for everyone, and it’s also a place where you will likely be inspired at. Watching a theater performance helps you a rush of both emotions and ideas, as its live nature lets you connect and access your emotions more. Besides this, it also enhances many of the keys necessary to create a good idea. The next time you in a creative slump, maybe a trip to the theater is the solution.

 Go Stargazing

Humans have looked to the stars for comfort and guidance since the dawn of time. Even in our technologically advanced world, stargazing is still a popular hobby that many enjoy. Finding a good spot to do stargazing is an adventure on its own, and observing celestial bodies are sure to stimulate your mind to create better ideas. Just as humans of the past looked to the stars for guidance, maybe the stars can give you a new idea as well.

Surplus Shops

Not only will you find something that you might need for low prices, but you might also find new ideas waiting around the corner. Surplus shops are filled with items with an interesting history: from strange trinkets with an unknown past to a worn-down table with curious markings, these items contain people’s memories. Memories that you might not exactly decipher but can definitely interpret. And by interpreting these memories, you can create new ideas and interpretations.

Thinking of something and then creating it is one of the most fulfilling emotions known to humans. This ability to create empowers us and makes us feel more than just people are thrown into society to survive. It gives our existence meaning and our daily experience value.

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