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Green Thumb: Employees and Greenery Outside the Office Building

If you want your office to run smoothly and efficiently, then you know that you have to invest in your employees. What better way for you to do so than put some time, money, and effort into creating green spaces outside your office building?

It just might be what you need to perk up the workforce. You don’t believe it? Here are a few reasons why you would want to invest in some plants and landscaping.

Attracts New Employees

If you’re looking for some fresh blood in your company, then look no further than your front yard. Potential employees are now a lot more environmentally-conscious than before. Having a landscape designer here in Spokane, WA, fix up your office building’s exterior greenery can make a huge difference in your recruitment campaign.

If you need to, you can even include and describe it in your promotional materials. It’s great to have new employees who respect and work together with the environment.

Reduces Stress

We all know that office work has a lot of stress involved with it. Thankfully, the presence of green space on the outside of your building can help with reducing its effects. It’s even more effective at doing so when people are allowed to work or stroll within the area.

Reduced stress levels can lead to better overall health for your workers, giving them less reason to fail to show up for the workday.

Helps Build Good Relationships

business people relaxing on the grass

If you’ve decided to make the space available for strolling or working, you’ll find that it can help strengthen employee relations. It gives them a good, relaxing place to talk and get to know each other. And we all know that strong relationships between your fellow employees can make their productivity soar.

Not only that, but it makes the office a much better workplace to be in, people-wise.

Increases Productivity

Because of the more pleasant environment that your office building’s green space brings, everyone is motivated to work more and work better. Better health that comes from reduced stress, fresher air, and increased exposure to sunlight also contributes to it.

You’ll find that you don’t even have to force people to work extra. As long as you make the environment more suitable for employees, they’ll be in charge of putting in the additional effort as thanks.

Encourages Creativity

Introducing a space that is out of the ordinary can help produce work that’s equally out of the ordinary. The openness of the place, coupled with the fresh air and sunlight encourages people to think better and more creatively.

And creativity can bring in a lot of business through ways such as streamlining your processes or improving your marketing. It’s no wonder that popular workplaces such as Google’s and Facebook’s all have it.

If you want to invest in your employees, then one of the best places to put your money on is their work environment. A better one not only keeps them happier, healthier, and more productive and creative, but it also attracts potential recruits as well. If you have the chance, then go and do it.

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