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An Ode to Grandma’s Home: A Guide to Grandmillennial Interior Design

Let’s face it. We all want the best for our homes. We take time exploring our Instagram feeds for inspiration to spruce up our living space. Some are even willing to spend their money in a sunroom or patio enclosures for a functional and well-designed outdoor area. No matter your need and preference, there’s plenty of design ideas perfect for your home.

Recently, a new design trend is emerging in residential spaces made for nostalgic-natured and traditionally-inspired homeowners. The grandmillennial style is all about floral prints, overstuffed sofas, wicker lamps, and other items you often see in your grandma’s house. This new home decor trend is a response to the generic mid-century designs we’ve been seeing for so long. The grandmillennial style focuses on the element of storytelling by allowing the dweller to emotionally connect with their interiors.

The ultimate appeal of this design trend lies in creating beautiful nostalgia. It offers a fresh take on traditionalism with fine craftsmanship in mind. Millennials who gravitate toward the traditional aesthetic, the grand millennial certainly delivers. Read on to learn how to pull off the grandmillennial style for your living space.

Display all your fancy collections

The grandmillennial style is basically your grandparent’s home. There are likely plenty of collections, from figurines, crystal, sea glass, and china patterns. Chances are, there are other fancy pieces hidden in every nook and corner!

A great way to reintroduce the old-fashioned decor into your home is by displaying all your precious collections. We’re not talking about toy figures or your Barbie doll collections. Think of items in your home that scream “granny chic.” Go for elephant figurines or table lamps for that timeless touch. The idea lies in grouping vintage items to get that maximalist display while bursting with charm and personality.

If it sounds too much, you can forego the figurine collection and settle for a semi-grandmillennial design. Add a handful of collectibles for a streamlined and minimalist look. The key is to group interesting patterns and unique textures. You can also gather decors in your home that share similar colors, materials, textures, and prints.

For a modern twist, add something extraordinary. Adding a contemporary touch is what makes this look chic without sacrificing its traditional elements. One example are needlepoint pillows with funny jokes, movie lines, or modern slang

Be generous in patterns

Pattern is an essential element of the grandmillennial design. Think classic prints such as plaid, toile, and chintz featured on upholstery, curtains, and wall coverings. Embellishments are also present, such as fringe, pleats, and ruffles. The style also includes traditional elements, such as tassels, trim, and tapes, in analogous or monochromatic combinations.

There’s no shortage of patterns when it comes to this style. If wallpaper is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, then wrap those boring walls with your favorite patterns! You can also try it in the kitchen by choosing full-on patterns for the backsplash or tiled floors.

Incorporate as many patterns and prints as you can. When applied tastefully, mixed patterns create a sophisticated touch to any room and absolutely compliment the grandmillennial style. Try adding patterns with similar colors and design elements. You can also mix and match by combining simple and modern prints with something detailed and flouncy.

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Highlight your personality

Some may think the grandmillennial style looks cluttered. The secret lies in the right placement and artful patterns. The aesthetic isn’t exactly the stuffy, traditional room every old lady has. The grandmillennial incorporates a fresh spin to the old-school design trend by merging nostalgia and comfort without looking tacky.

Layering traditional items and prized possessions will highlight your tastes and personality. Minimalist styles can be quite restricting when adding personal pieces, but the grandmillennial allows you to fill the room with meaningful items. All these personal elements will serve as the focal point of the room.

To achieve a cohesive look, stick to traditional elements. You can include pieces from other eras while being intentional about your options. Identify the historical value of the items you’ll include in your collectibles. The same goes for the patterns. This will give your home a curated and intentional feel instead of incorporating random elements you could think of.

Design trends come and go but old-fashioned decors are here to stay. One of the unique appeals of the grandmillennial is its inviting and approachable, inspired by the nostalgic warmth we felt in our grandmother’s home. From the comfy sofa to the extra ruffles, this trend is perfect for young homeowners looking for effortless formality for their homes.


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