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Habit Tracking: Associating Behavior with Particular Locations

Your habits tend to reflect your personality. For example, each time you bite your nail, you are projecting certain qualities about your character like how anxious you might be about a situation. If you want to change your behavior, eventually you will need to resolve yourself toward a new persona to constitute a difference in how you act.

The main reason for people wanting to work toward good habits is that they have a particular goal in mind. Whether it is to get fitter or to write a book, it takes practice and conscious effort to hit the targets you want to reach. But, when behavior becomes habitual, the person performs the act automatically and without hesitation or conscious effort.

This is why you need to develop a system that makes it easier for you to gain the habits you want to have. One of the ways to do this is by changing the positions of the objects within your vicinity or removing them entirely. An extra step is to consider how the surrounding people affect your behavior. Research shows that the environment has a great impact on the development of an individual and, in turn, of their habits. Here are some examples of habit allocation you can try out in your home:

Self-Care In Your Bathroom

By steering clear of stressors in your home, you can experience the same relaxation that you might get from a spa day outdoors. As long as you have a clean bathroom, you should be able to get some peace of mind while you are inside. You can determine this location as the part of the house where you will practice self-care and focus on yourself. After all, it is the most private part of your home. No one will be able to interrupt you or bother you while you are inside.

Compartmentalizing is a crucial part of habit allocation as it allows you to segregate the tasks you will perform at a particular location. For instance, installing shower doors can further isolate you from whatever is happening outside of the bathroom. You can also keep the floor from getting too wet because there will be a glass dividing the wet and dry areas. Allowing yourself to focus on your body for a few minutes each day will provide you with the serenity you might be looking for.

By allocating your bathroom as a self-care hub, you will make it a habit to check in with yourself every day. A few bath bombs or some special exfoliating scrub can put you in a better mood, especially if you are having a rough time at work or because of someone in your life. This prevents emotions from being bottled up and accumulating to the point of no return. It is an important habit to look after yourself no matter how busy you get.

Exercise Away From Your Relaxation Spots

In contrast to relaxing in the bathroom, assigning a part of your home to exercise or simply going out of the house is going to help you condition your mind and body. By changing the environment you are in, you are demanding a modification in your habits. This alteration depends on the location you end up in and the people you surround yourself with.

Similar to how you need a home office to do your best work, you need a different area equipped with equipment to make it easier for you to exercise. Whether you decide to work out on a patio or a gym, it has to be a place where you feel safe enough to sweat as much as you have to. At the same time, being surrounded by other people who also exercise is a great way to motivate yourself to stay committed. So invite your friends or make some new ones at your local gym if you want to stick through with your plan.

Distraction-Free Workspace

As mentioned earlier, some people prefer to work in a particular setting so that they can focus on their work. Allocating a distraction-free workspace is known to increase productivity as it provides the quiet they often need. This can be a corner in your room, a home office, or a rented location where you can do your tasks without delays.

Locations are an important factor in determining the habits of individuals. These mold their personalities, so taking control of where you perform particular tasks is an efficient way to develop the habits you want to have.

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