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Hello, Sunshine! Ways to Become a Morning Person

Many lifestyles today push people to become a night owl. Some are overworking to meet deadlines. Some are assigned to graveyard shifts. Others, meanwhile, are being kept awake by the entertainment brought by the Internet. But being a night owl can cause health problems in the long run. This is because the regular sleep pattern is disrupted, meaning you will not be able to get the prescribed amount of rest. It can affect your alertness and immune system.

If you want to become a morning person, you might be facing some challenges, especially when it comes to adjusting. But it is possible to go back to being an early bird. If you are looking for some ways, here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

Set a target sleeping time

Since you’re a night owl, you might find yourself hitting the sack every past midnight. And because you want to become a morning person, you will need to make a hard reset of your habit. Start moving your bedtime much earlier: 15 minutes earlier at the beginning and then adding 15 minutes more and so on during the following days. That way, the adjustment is gradual. Make sleeping much more relaxing by setting the mood. Make sure that the room is dark and cool. Spritz some linen spray onto your sheets. And take a warm shower.

Make waking up exciting

People hate waking up early because they do not have something exciting to look forward to. But a little motivation will make you like mornings much better. For one, you can prepare a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast the night before, which you can heat in the morning. Prepare yourself a cup of fancy coffee while reading a good book. That way, mornings will not be associated with irritability.

Stop hitting snooze

When your alarm clock disrupts your reverie in the morning, you will feel grumpy. But you need to remind yourself that you need to get up. So never hit the snooze again. If you cannot make this a reality, try this hack. Put your alarm clock across the room. When the morning comes, you will need to get up to shut it. And here’s a pro tip: if you are using your phone as your alarm clock, do not use your favorite song as an alarm. Eventually, you will associate the music that you love with waking up grumpy.

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Jump-start your day with a workout

Nothing gives you a better head start on the day than shaking some calories off your body. If you want to power through the day and become much healthier, you need to condition yourself through exercising. Run a few laps around the block before the sun fully rises. Or if you want something soothing, take a morning dip in the swimming pool built by your trusty contractor.

You’ll do more

Being a morning person has its share of exciting benefits. One, your circadian rhythm will be in sync with the day. Two, you get to do more things. So have a good morning!

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