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Hosting an Outdoor Backyard Party? Here Are Six Ways to Plan It

Organizing the best backyard party doesn’t need to be stressful and exhausting. It can also be fun and exciting in so many ways. Whether the party is for the entire family or your group of friends, you must put great time and forethought into it. You’ll want every guest to participate in the activities and games, enjoy the music and entertainment, and remember those special foods you serve.

If you’re feeling anxious about organizing the party, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we listed many fun and amazing ideas and tips that can help you throw a fabulous outdoor party that your family and friends can truly enjoy.

  1. Get those invitations ready

One thing that should never be forgotten is creating and sending out invitations to guests. Digital or printed, having invitations is more than just formally inviting someone to the party. But it’s also a remarkable piece for the event itself. Ideally, an invitation should include the attire. Are sundresses or tank tops fine? Maybe you need them to bring their swimsuits for a pool party and games? If the backyard party is for a grand family reunion, be sure to include the fun performances that your family members prepared. Make the invitations quirky and fun.

  1. Play some great music

Music is a vital element of party entertainment, so be sure you got a well-curated playlist of fun and favorite family songs. It is best to choose songs that everyone can recognize and mix in old and new tunes. Or, better yet, have one collaborative playlist where everyone can add their favorite songs and play them during the party. Ideally, backyard parties do not last longer than five hours, so you’d want to plan your music playlist based on that time. Just be sure that your speakers are not blaring that guests can’t even talk to each other properly. Place your iPod dock or boom box above ear level so it won’t directly blast off at everyone’s ears.

  1. Bring everyone together with food

An outdoor backyard party won’t be memorable without good food. While there’s no strict rule to ensure that the menu fits the party theme, it’s necessary to consider the different dietary needs of the guests. Make your menu inclusive and fill it with delicious yet easy to prepare recipes. Serve finger food to cut down those dishes, or host a cook-off wherein everyone will contribute to the buffet. If you have many kids attending the party, crafting an S’mores bar would be amazing. Have everyone roast their own marshmallows! You can also serve different salsa and chips for quick snacks.

  1. Entertain through fun activities

Aside from food, having fun activities is another great way to encourage everyone to stay longer. Plan out backyard games for both the kids and adults that can inspire and spark the creativity of everyone. For the kids, you can avail of fun and recreational party rentals such as bounce houses or water toys. You can also rent and set up movie screens with cotton candy machines and a campfire for a memorable outdoor movie theater experience.  Or, organize some yard games such as beer pong, corn hole, or an outdoor tic-tac-toe. If you have an extra budget, why not set up an outdoor photo booth complete with props and backdrop?

  1. Plan for the yard setup

It’s always a good idea to stick to the basics and keep it simple when setting the stage for the backyard party. Instead of stressing yourself out on how many decorations you need for a picture-perfect setup, focus on placing comfy seating outdoors. Create different areas for various conversations. Give the teens and kids their own table or seating area. Opt for no-fuss centerpieces by placing in fresh flowers with popping colors. If renting out tables is out of the budget, set up picnic areas using blankets where the kids can eat and play too.

  1. Keep those bugs away

Having a backyard party is cute, but those bugs are not. Keep those mosquitoes away by getting rid of any standing water in your yard. Check your flowerpots, rain gutters, and the kiddie pool that could be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. You can also place some tabletop fans near the food to keep those flyers away. For extra protection of your entire family, you can buy some bug wipes or a bug-repellant device for the yard.

Whether you’re planning for a grand outdoor party or a simple one, our tips right here can definitely help you save hours of planning and organizing. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your loved ones to ensure the success of the event. After all, the more people you have working for the party, the faster you can finish.

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