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Here’s How You Can Improve Ventilation Without Windows

Is your room or house too stuffy at times? The cause might be poor air circulation; the layout or design might be the problem, or the rooms might have no or too few windows. If the latter is the case, the heat stays locked inside a room, causing high temperatures.

If your room or property has no or few windows, an expert on interior design cites the following ways to improve ventilation.

Install an Air Conditioner

One way to easily improve air circulation in a windowless room is to install an air conditioner. Air conditioners control the temperature of a room and will keep it at a level you are comfortable in. This makes sure the room isn’t too hot even if it is summer already. Find a unit that is within your budget and has the features you want.

Reduce Dampness and Humidity

One of the reasons you feel stuffy and uncomfortable in your windowless room is that it might be too damp and/or humid. One way to solve this is to dehumidify. Buy and install a dehumidifier to reduce the dampness and humidity of your windowless room.

Adjust the Space Between the Door and the Ceiling or Flooring

Some people just leave the door open to let air flow in and out. This improves ventilation, but it means you have to leave the door open longer than you want. To avoid this, adjust the height of the door to have just enough space near the flooring and ceiling. This allows air to circulate in a room that lacks windows. This maintains the temperature of a room and reduces its stuffiness. The ideal measurement of the gap is around half an inch.

Reduce the Number of Furniture in Your Room

If you want to improve air circulation in a windowless room, start selling pieces of furniture you no longer need. Cluttered rooms lock air in and prevent it from circulating properly. Remove obstacles that get in the way of air moving freely. Keep the essential furniture so that your place doesn’t look bare.

Install a Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan

A ceiling fan improves the air circulation of a windowless room. It prevents hot air from settling because the fan pushes it around. Look for a fan that fits your needs and is at the price within your budget.

Buy Air Purifying Plants

Plants aren’t just beautifying ornaments in your room they also have a practical use if you buy the right kinds. Some plants act as air purifiers and may even improve air circulation.

Passive Vents

This type of ventilation system works best for multi-room properties. This allows air to move from room to room. This improves circulation and doesn’t keep air in one place. This keeps temperatures at around the level you want.

Porous Materials

The fewer obstacles air has the more freely it circulates. Use porous materials to keep air flowing in a room without windows. Bricks come to mind first when property owners want to improve circulation.

These are ways to improve circulation in properties that have few or no windows. Proper ventilation allows owners to keep temperatures at a comfortable level.

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