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Here’s How You Can Sleep Better

When we were younger, it seemed like we never wanted to go to bed. Sleeping was a waste of time that we didn’t need. But today, as adults, it is a treasure we crave. With many obligations, relationships, and other things on our minds, getting that much-needed snooze can be tricky.

But getting the right amount of sleep is not just relaxing but also crucial. Ask any doctor and they’ll tell you that sleeping right helps with the body and the mind’s healing. Here’s how you can finally start sleeping like a baby again:

  1. Try a hotel experience

While checking into a hotel to recharge is lovely, it’s not a luxury everyone can afford. But that doesn’t mean foregoing the hotel life. Instead, try looking for hotel beds for sale. Hotel beds are great at making people fall asleep because of the appropriate lumbar support their mattresses have.

These beds are built to be sturdy but are extremely comfortable. That means you can enjoy the comfort of your hotel bed without worrying about having too many replacements. The best part is that if you want your own hotel bed, there are groups or companies now that can help you find the right ones at a reasonable price.

  1. Upgrade your bedding

Now that you’ve got a proper bed, it’s time to dress it up. Choosing the right bedding is the best way to highlight the assets of your mattress while also feeling more relaxed. You don’t have to go too expensive, either. With its high thread-count, Egyptian Cotton is popular for a reason.

What matters more, though, is that you choose bedding that suits you best. Try cotton or a nice blend for extra softness and warmth. A duvet or even a weighted blanket will do wonders at putting you at rest and telling your body that it’s time to sleep.

  1. Minimize your use of gadgets

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This one might be a little harder since most of us are on our phones very often. But screen time can keep your brain too “active”. Instead of winding down, your mind will be bombarded by stimulation that it doesn’t need.

Train your mind to know that beds are not for surfing but rather for sleeping. Some studies suggest halting screen time 30 minutes before you go to bed. If you find that you get lost while online, you can put reminders or even timers on your gadgets or through applications. YouTube, for example, has a setting that sets reminders for you when you’ve been watching for a certain period.

  1. Give your brain a massage

Some people can’t sleep without some white noise in the background. That could be a result of stress, tinnitus, or even just already being used to listening to audio. If this is the case for you, explore the option of getting a proper white noise machine. These are easy to buy and relatively inexpensive. However, you can also find white noise apps that you can play on your phone or tablet. You can even hook up the audio to a Bluetooth speaker.

Alternatively, try ASMR. Short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, this is a soothing tingly feeling. It’s often induced by visual or auditory triggers. Some may find it odd at first, but there are many options on streaming platforms.

You don’t have to resort to counting the sheep to fall asleep anymore. Just making a few changes to your nightly routine will make big differences that will benefit your health.

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