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Here’s How Your Office Layout Can Improve Employee Productivity

Your employees spend a minimum of 80 hours every week in the office, so it’s only important that you make their workspace as comfortable as possible. If you’re moving into a new office or feel that it’s time to retire the old cubicle setup, you have the opportunity to maximise the use of various areas in the office.

Companies like Zircon Interiors can offer you expert advice on how to rework your existing office layout so that it benefits your employees’ productivity, creativity and overall well-being. You have to take note that an effective office layout doesn’t just mean maximising space for tables and furniture. It also means giving employees space not just to do collaborative work with team members but also to breathe in between work. Here are a few points you should consider.

Add Ergonomic Furniture

Your employees sit in the office for hours every day. If your employees are still using old furniture, it might be time to replace them with ergonomically designed ones. This kind of design takes into consideration height and width, as well as depth adjustments to fit each individual.

Ergonomic chairs offer lumbar support to prevent back pain. Adjustable armrests, meanwhile, can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive movement due to computer use. While these pieces of furniture are likely more expensive, they do help in preventing injuries and keeping your employees healthy and productive for longer.

Combine Open and Closed Spaces

There can be different workspaces inside a single office. This does not only promote flexibility but also gives employees the opportunity to move around during the day. There should be conference areas or spaces large enough for two or more members of the team to collaborate. At the same time, having quiet areas where workers can strategise, gather their thoughts or take short breaks to relieve stress, is ideal.

In some companies, they even put up a break room with a TV where employees can spend time during breaks. Others prefer to have a small garden or a game room so workers can let off steam.

Nowadays, office spaces are no longer all about work. Companies are taking into consideration how much work and effort the staff puts in day in and day out. Offering areas where they can relax in the middle of the day has become increasingly important.

Make Room for Growth

Unfurnished office with white wallsWhether you’re a start-up or an established company, you should always plan ahead. When creating an office layout, consider space for each department or division. You should allot room for new staff or additional equipment over the next 6 to 12 months. From there, you can factor in these new hires when you plan how big your pantry or conference rooms should be.

The same goes for additional tables, chairs, computers and drawers. Consider that each person must have space to work and move around comfortably.

Make It Cleaner and Greener

Besides open spaces and back-friendly furniture, more companies are now also considering making offices sustainable and eco-friendly. You can also do this by adding living plants and water features in the lobby or reception area, for example. You can also minimise rubbish by replacing single-use plastic like straws and coffee stirrers with paper-based alternatives. These are added costs, it’s true, but they go a long way in making your workplace cleaner and greener.

These are just a few ways to upgrade and modernise your office space or building. Just remember that the healthier and more comfortable your employees are while at work, the more likely they are to stay productive and efficient for longer.

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