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Want to know more about hiring a dental SEO team? Some of the web’s most common questions answered

When you are the head dentist at a new or even a more matured surgery, you will want your team to continue to grow, and will also seek new patients to enter your surgery.

But what is the easiest way to do this?

In an ideal world, these issues would resolve themselves and every surgery would be successful. Unfortunately, even the most well known of dental practices like Harley Street in London need a boost now and again but hire the help of marketing teams to plan a little dental SEO.

In case you didn’t know, SEO helps your surgeries web page more visible on internet searches, such as Google, by updating the web page and using some clever tricks to get to the top of the rankings. And while you may now feel that you can handle this yourself, you might want to call in the professionals to oversee your website’s makeover.

Not sure that it is worth hiring a marketing team to boost your dental SEO? Read on for the answers that many dental surgeries ask when aiming to attract new patients via the internet.

Why should I hire a dental SEO company?

Because they can help you to maximise the earning potential of your website; everything from appearing at the top of internet searches to being mobile accessible, they know how to get potential patients to visit your website.

Best of all, they can also expand your surgery into other areas that you hadn’t even thought of, such as social media, to get your surgery’s name across to a different demographic of potential customers.

Do they run the entire website?

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Not entirely no, you and your team will have input!

But depending on the marketing team you choose, they will oversee the redesign on the home page, the layout and will also arrange for your page to have a blog. This will be updated weekly with articles based around trending keywords, written by the marketing teams writers.

How do I choose the best one for my surgery site?

Price may seem like the easiest way to choose the perfect marketing team to help boost your patient numbers. But when you are searching, look at the reviews for an idea of how suitable a team is; do they consistently get high reviews for customers? Does their homepage and site look generally well managed and professional?

Why not send an email asking them about the tiers of SEO support that they offer, and discuss with them what you want for your website and surgery.

Is it expensive?

You may be surprised at how affordable hiring a marketing and SEO team can be, especially with the results that can come from a well-run set of professionals.

Indeed, many websites and surgeries have seen a 100% increase in their website visits within a week of hiring a marketing team, and with specialists overseeing the site, the majority of those visitors will become real-life patients at your surgery. What more could you want?


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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