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Home Additions: 6 Ideas to Increase Your House’s Square Footage

Whether big or small, everyone wants to include some extra space in their homes. The most standard way of doing this is through house additions. They are invaluable investments that increase the square footage and value of your property. But the benefits part comes later. It all begins with finding inspiration and the perfect idea of what and how to add.

Best Home Additions for Your House

Additions can be small or large and expensive or economical; it depends on what you want in your house. Hence, understanding your requirements and planning accordingly is essential. For instance, a large family will require bathroom additions, but a small one might not consider it. Here are some extraordinary home addition ideas that can suit your requirements.

Finish Your Basement

A basement remodeling project will increase the total square footage of your house. You can use this extra space to create a small living room, theater, or entertainment room. The best part about basement finishing is that it provides an impressive 70% return on investment. Thus, even if you plan to sell your property shortly, it is worth investing in a basement.

It is recommended to include emergency windows and exits in basements. They will come in handy in case of a fire accident in your basement. Basements are also vulnerable to floods. Hence, installing a sump pump and cleaning your gutters regularly is also advised.

Build a Second Story

Building a second story is a massive addition to your house. It can almost double the square footage and raise the resale value significantly. However, adding an entire story can cost you a fortune. You can also do the same with a garage. With the foundation already in place, all you need to do is raise the walls and put a roof on them. Once the installation is complete, you can rent out the extra space or use it as a guest room.

Before starting with building a new story, ensure that the base foundation can handle it. If the foundation is not capable enough, it is wise to avoid adding a story as it can lead to numerous dangers and troubles.

Enclose a Patio

A patio can be built upon existing base foundations. Hence, it is an economical home addition that you can easily afford. You can use the patio to create a cozy living room. The only thing to take care of here is to make it easily accessible. If it is accessible, you can also use the space as an in-law suite. While many people give their parents a spare room, you can allow them to live in the in-law suite to provide them with a sense of independence.

Make the patio feel like a part of the house instead of an extension to increase the curb appeal of both the patio and your home.

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Convert Your Porch Into a Sunroom

While having a porch is an excellent addition to your house, converting it to a sunroom can provide more benefits. Converting the porch to a sunroom lets you install heating or cooling systems to insulate and make the area more comfortable. You can then add antique furniture, lighting, lamps, plenty of seating to the area to give it a particular vibe and feel.

To consider the sunroom as a home addition, it needs to open a door inside the house. You can use the space to socialize, plan dinners with family members, and grow in-house plants.

Extend Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Both bathroom and kitchen additions can be costly and, at the same time, rewarding. They have a high return on investment of over 65%. When extending a bathroom, you can install a tub or a larger vanity. You can also extend the bathroom towards an underutilized space, such as under the staircase. You can install a water closet in such places. Similarly, you can turn an unused closet into a small bathroom.

When it comes to the kitchen, you can remove an exterior wall and extend it to build a small dining space and pantry. You can also try building a small new kitchen on the deck or patio to increase the area.

Build a Dormer

A dormer is a structure that projects out from the home’s roof, thereby allowing the much-needed sunlight inside the house. However, besides the sunlight, it can also increase the area in your house. If the dormer is small, you can use it as a storage space. On the other hand, if it is large enough, you can also use it as a bedroom, bathroom, or living area.

It can be tempting to build home additions for improvement. Hence, around 407 billion U.S. dollars were spent on home improvement in 2019. However, it can also have legal consequences if not done appropriately. Therefore, it is always advised to hire a licensed home addition contractor to help you proceed correctly.

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