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Home Projects that Energy Auditors Often Recommend

An energy audit is one of the reasons why Utahns schedule home inspections in Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, emphasizing the growing importance of energy efficiency to homeowners. This kind of assessment will reveal the weakest points of your house when it comes to energy waste.

The job of a home energy auditor is to point out which areas can be improved to save on energy while keeping all occupants comfortable night and day.

You should not do any project until this professional finishes the evaluation and writes a report, but the improvements below are the most likely ones that will be advised to you.

Wall and Attic Insulation Installation

The purpose of an insulation system is to slow the transfer of heat through a solid object. The material also helps seal breaks in the wall and other fixtures, eliminating air leakage.

Despite the undeniable importance of proper insulation, most Americans do not take it seriously. According to a study published in 2015, 90% of houses in the United States are under-insulated. If all American homes are insulated as per the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code, the country can reduce residential energy use by 5% and natural gas consumption by 10%.

Considering the amount of money you waste because of the conditioned air that escapes your house, installing high-quality insulation is worth the expense.

Window Replacement

Builders installing windowsThe sun is an abundant source of thermal energy, but it can turn your rooms into an oven when kept unchecked. One effective way to reduce excessive heat gain is investing in high-performance windows. These products bear the ENERGY STAR seal, which means that they possess the required energy ratings in the area they are being sold.

Furthermore, high-performance windows provide generous daylighting. Yes, they may not be as clear as units with clear glass, but their low-emissivity coatings are so microscopic they practical affect the clarity of the view.

ENERGY STAR–approved windows can also combat the effects of UV light. They protect the valuables in the room against discoloration without interrupting the passage of harmless sunshine and breaking the view.

HVAC Upgrade

Do you know that old-efficiency furnaces and boilers might turn only 44% of the fuel they burn into heat? The rest of the energy is wasted, but you still pay for it.

Of course, many other factors can inflate your space heating costs, but equipment inefficiency is a major one. The fact that a high-efficiency unit can convert 90% of fuel into heat at worst and 98.5% at best is enough reason to overhaul your old HVAC system.

Landscaping Makeover

Yes, the kind of trees you have outside affects how easy for your indoor spaces to heat up. The foliage of your yard provides adequate shade to block the sun’s infrared light. It is better to plant deciduous trees strategically to prevent solar heat from passing through in the summer but allow it in the winter.

Waste no time to schedule an energy audit. You can read many helpful blogs like this, but nothing compares to pieces of advice from a qualified professional.

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