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How I Keep my Skin Soft and Supple During the Colder Days

Christmas in the Philippines is always a fun and exciting season. The lights, the carols, and the displays are amazing and you definitely would feel the Christmas spirit everywhere in the country.

One of the most amazing things about Christmas in the Philippines is the cold and chilly weather. The PH is a tropical country, which means that most of its days are hot and humid. It is different during the “-ber” months, though, as we all get to experience the crisp wind that these months have to offer.

While most people tend to enjoy the cold and chilly weather, it is also notable that these months can be quite difficult and harsh on everyone’s skin. If you’ve got dry skin like me, then you most probably suffer from dry and scaly skin during these months.

The Solution to Dry Skin

One of my most effective secrets when it comes to fighting dry and scaly skin during the Christmas season is using a salt scrub. I personally swear by Kedma Philippines’ Salt Scrub, as it effectively scrubs all of my skin’s impurities away. It keeps the dead skin cells at bay, revealing the softest and most supple skin that I have ever had in my life.

I use the one in Vanilla, as the scent truly reminds me of Christmas. The smell is sweet, but not overpowering — just enough to calm my senses after a hard day’s work. I love that it has Dead Sea minerals in it, which means that I get to experience the Dead Sea’s amazing healing power without even traveling to Jordan.

Applying the Scrub on Your Skin

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I make sure to use the scrub at least once to twice a week. I first wet my body with warm water, then I apply the salt scrub and massage it all over my body in circles. Afterward, I rinse it with warm water and proceed to my usual daily bath routine.

It’s amazing how this product makes my skin go from dull to soft and supple — literally. I just love touching my skin right after using this and even my partner just cannot resist it! My skin literally feels super soft to touch, plus, I do not have to worry about cracking skin even during the coldest days.

Another thing that I do is to make sure that I apply a fair amount of lotion every time I am done with taking a bath. The combination of the salt scrub and the lotion is just amazing, as the lotion really seals the moisture into my skin. I also use a non-abrasive body soap — one that I know will further moisturize my skin and keep it looking amazing despite the cold weather.

Looking and feeling good during Christmas and the colder days is definitely possible, as long as you know how to take good care of your skin. All it takes is a little TLC and you will be surprised at how amazing your skin will look! Happy Holidays!

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