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How Much Should You Spend on a Garage Door Installation?

The cost of installing garage doors in Logan, Utah, will depend on the style and type of material. For instance, a typical installation of roll-up doors can cost $1,115 on average.

Smaller roll-up doors can cost as low as $300 or even up to $2,260 for bigger garages. If you want to have wooden doors, the average price range in the city costs between $1,300 and $2,800. These quotes are for single-garage doors. You can double the price to get a fair estimate for double-width doors. The actual cost will also depend on the materials and cost of labor.

The Price of Wooden Doors

A single wooden garage door in Logan can cost almost $1,230. It might take 5.4 hours for a professional installation, which can cost around $250. You might also need to spend approximately $110 for job materials, supplies, and equipment allowance. Oakwood is the commonly used material, but there are other varieties like cedar, fir, hemlock, walnut and redwood garage doors.

Automatic timber garage doors will also increase the price by at least $100 for the installation of electric wires and openers. You should expect to pay an extra fee for the removal of an old or broken door before installing a wooden garage door. The average lifespan for timber doors ranges from five to 10 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

Installation Cost of Roll-up Doors

Installation rates for roll-up garage doors in Logan, Utah, are mostly the same with quotes from other contractors in Cache County. The average prices don’t include permit and inspection fees, as well as sales taxes from buying material and supplies. A single roll-up door can take as long as a wooden door to install for a contractor.

While you can also automate roll-up doors, a manually operated one offers more safety. Accidents can happen when using an automatic garage door, which might fall onto you or your vehicle while opening or closing it. Manual doors reduce the risk of injuries since they need to be secured in place whenever you use them.

Common Problems

garage door

Every homeowner should know the common issues with garage doors, especially if you don’t want to replace a newly installed one anytime soon. You should lubricate the rollers more frequently during cold weather, as doors tend to be stuck and won’t open at all.

If it’s too noisy when in use, you might need to replace the hinges. Rollers on metal tracks are more likely to become noisy due to the gradual deterioration of bearings. Don’t forget that garage doors must be secure enough to prevent burglars and pests from getting inside.

Homeowners in Logan should consider installing roll-up doors because they are cheaper than wooden doors. However, timber doors can better complement the design of your house. Whichever you choose, don’t hire a general contractor unless you don’t mind spending up to $170 on additional fees. The best way to compare quotes requires you to contact at least three different garage door companies in Logan.

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