How Much Value Can a Garden Add to Your Property?

There are several home improvements that could increase the value of your property. One of the most effective and commonly used methods is landscaping. There are several benefits of adding gardens or availing landscaping services in Minnesota, and one of the most helpful ones has something to do with boosting your home’s value, should you decide to sell it. But how much does landscaping really impact the price of your property, and is it really worth it?

Gardens and Their Impact on Home Value

Adding a garden or just merely upgrading an existing one is actually more likely to increase property value over a newly renovated kitchen, bathroom, or extension. Despite that, updating your gardens will generally cost less than renovating such rooms. The estimated cost of a garden make-over is about $3,000 (but may vary depending on the services offered, especially if it’s beyond just the garden) while upgrading kitchens and other parts of the house, and other extensions could reach up to $100,000. It’s also one of the more practical reasons why most homeowners choose and prioritize fixing their gardens first before anything else. Research also showed that most buyers tend to go after landscaping styles that are much simpler yet elegant, so you wouldn’t have to worry about spending so much and making it look like it’s a garden from a Wes Anderson film.

Landscaping Features That Can Boost Property Value


There is actually a lot more to be considered when it comes to having a landscaped home. For instance, you would also have to maintain the front yard, which greatly influences a property’s curb’s appeal, and the same thing for the backyard. According to research, there would be at least an 82 percent increase in the property value if a shed is included in the landscaping.

And that is according to 36 landscaping professionals, although the sheds are not recommended to be really big, for as long as the size is decent is still enough to be an eye-catcher in your home. The second feature is having a patio or paving that is in excellent quality and condition with 76 percent, closely followed by choosing quality fences (either metal or wood), or if not fences, then walls and gates at 72 percent in the ranking.

The fourth feature is having enough lighting within the area, more importantly, have adequate and decent lighting outdoors with 66 percent, and then the fifth feature, which adds at least 62 percent is by having a deck in good condition and is sturdy. So far, those are the top 5 features and their estimate effect on the property’s value. You can take into consideration having any of these features added – once you decide to get landscaping!

Having a well-maintained landscaped-home will not only provide you a sense of comfort in living, but will also lead to a significant rise in your property’s value. The average estimated increase could reach up to 77 percent, which will vary depending on the current value of your home.

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