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How Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Power Shaped Modern Electricity

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds in electrical engineering, came up with the idea to use wireless technology to send electrical currents throughout the country. When he was still alive, Tesla wanted to create a wireless power grid that could send out electrical energy through the air. This could have been advantageous to anyone providing electrical service in Salt Lake City and the rest of the country.

The theory was feasible and some scientists today were even able to send out electricity through the air, but there was a slight glitch to Tesla’s theory. The electrical current weakened as it went farther from the source.

The farther it goes, the weaker it becomes

According to scientists who tried out Tesla’s theory, the electrical current grew weaker. But it was feasible for radio signals, which is why modern technology made it possible for people to speak with each other over long distances without the use of wires.

Still, scientists are looking for a way to throw electric currents far enough to be of use. Electricity coursing through the air is at its strongest when it’s close to the primary power source. Scientists are able to make use of this discovery in powering up electrical gadgets.

man driving an electric car

Electric highway

Scientists at Stanford are trying to come up with a way to charge electric cars while they are being driven down the road. While all of these ideas are a bit farfetched and leaning towards the realm of science fiction, the application is still practical and feasible.

What they are planning to do is to embed a series of electrical coils on the road that could send enough juice upwards to cars that are powered by electricity. Under those electric cars is a series of coils that can receive electrical currents from the road.

Although the technology is still far from becoming a reality, scientists are working hard to make it work. If this technology comes to fruition, the possibilities are endless. Think of how convenient this technology can be to everyone.

Any electric vehicle can keep on moving without losing power. You can practically drive from the east coast to the west coast without stopping for gas.

This technology is also eco-friendly since electric cars emit zero carbon emissions. So, think about it: endless driving without any harmful effects to the environment. That is what Nikola Tesla almost achieved with his wireless power grid theory.

Smaller gadgets

But, Tesla’s theory became a reality and some electronic gadgets are now experiencing wireless recharging capabilities because of what the Serbian-American inventor came up with.

Some scientists made some adjustments to Tesla’s theory by focusing electrical currents to one direction. Unlike Tesla’s plan, which was to throw off electrical currents in every direction, scientists today are using reflective paths and several directional antennas to send electrical currents to the receiving gadget.

It’s even safer than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology because these two signals are sent in every direction, which could pass through humans. But with wireless electricity, the electric currents are sent in a path towards its receiver. If it doesn’t connect with a receiver it will look for another path to get to its destination.

Nikola Tesla’s plan for wireless power became a reality in a way. Even though scientists aren’t able to turn into reality what Tesla had in his mind, they came close to achieving what he wanted to happen. And that’s how Nikola Tesla’s legacy was further cemented.

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