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How to Deepen Your Yoga Practice with Meditation

Yoga is a form of meditation. It is not just a practice or exercise. Yoga is a method that allows the body to focus inwards and helps clear the mind. if you have not been having any success in meditation with yoga, you should consider starting from the beginning.

Bring your yoga back to the very start

Try starting fresh by taking a beginner’s class for yoga. Get your yoga mat and start with a brand new slate. Rediscover what you initially loved about yoga in the first place. For those who love progressive mixed level yoga classes, revert to the basic poses. Do not proceed to the next progression level. Instead, take time to connect with your asana at the very basic phase. Take some time to observe the weight on your palms, push your index finger, your finger pad, and the ‘L’ of your hand. Close your eyes, stretch your back as far as you can and then flex your spine.

Do the whole practice with eyes wide shut

For many yoga practitioners, this is a personal favorite. Many yogis do this whenever they can. This enables the one who meditates to be aware of his or her inward self. When you focus hard, you can truly stay connected with your body and mind. You can do a tree pose and get your eyes wide shut, so you can enhance your balance. This way, you get a better sense of balance without any distraction.

Go very slow

Try to connect and cultivate your breath with the asana as you move real slow. Moving slowly when you do yoga is strongly recommended by a yoga retreats centre in Cambodia. Concentrate real hard and breathe so that your breath begins before the asana. Breathe and then move into your posture; do not rush it and savor the moment.

Practice your meditation at a silent zone in your home

Practicing yoga and meditation at home

Do a 10-minute meditation at a silent place in your home. Before you start meditating, you can do a hip opening practice. Do deep lunges, pigeon pose, down dog, and then complete with a pose of your choice. At this juncture, you are all set to sit down for meditation. You can then pick a chair or sit on a meditation cushion to help you lift your bones and release your knees towards the earth.

Draw out your spine by lifting out of the roof of the mouth. Rest your shoulder blades and relax in your seat with your palms facing up. Meditate and be quiet. Allow whatever it is to come. This is a great exercise for your self-study and meditation.

Start a journal and write about your yoga experience

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This is a good practice. Take your pen and start a journal. Documenting your experience will help you learn more about yourself. Re-read your journal and see what you learned about life and yourself when you meditate and let your mind wander.

Be sure to take some time to know yourself more and get deeper with your meditation. Get started today and have an immersive experience.

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