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How to Draft the Perfect Proposal Speech

Asking for your special someone’s hand and finally hearing the words “Yes, I will marry you!” is one of the most precious things that can happen in your lifetime. This feeling can never be forgotten, which is why it is essential to know what you want to say during this extraordinary moment.

Today, we will discuss the things that you should consider when drafting a speech for your proposal. If you want to say the perfect sentences and give them the best silicone wedding band, listen up!

Go Back to When You First Met

You might want to begin by thinking back to the day you first met your partner. How did you feel about them? Did you immediately feel a spark the moment you saw them? Talk about how you were amazed by their beauty and how happy you were that you found someone whom you could share your passion and hobbies with.

This might sound similar to a wedding vow, but hey, going back to the day that you first met and reminiscing is always sweet and might even make your partner tear up a little!

Think About the Moment You Decided that They’re the One

Try to go back to the specific moment when you thought, “This is it. I want to marry this person.” You might or might not have a difficult time remembering it, but you have to try, as this one’s very important.

Think about what you were doing then and what made you think you want to marry them. You might also want to think about the process and how you went on to plan the proposal, Don’t make it too long; you might want to leave some for your wedding day!

Focus on What You Have Now

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Tell them how much better your life is now that you have them in it. Try to be specific and tell them how much you loving having them around. For example, if you like how they take care of you when you are sick, then go ahead and mention that. Tell them that you appreciate it every time they buy you soup and medicine when you cannot do it yourself.

Remember that even the smallest things are essential, so mention a few things that you love, but keep it brief.

Talk About your Goals as a Couple

Share what you want to achieve as a couple. Also, you most probably already have a list of what you two want to do in the future, so tell them how much you love having plans together. Talk about what your plans are for both of you after marriage and how you want to enjoy many things. This will make both of you excited for the future, which can urge them to say “yes” a lot more.

Saying these things will make the moment more special. Remember to be sincere; mean everything that you say. Keep your promises, and you will both be happy for the rest of your (almost) married life!

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