How to Keep your Mattress’ Form in Perfect Condition

Saggy mattresses can make you feel uncomfortable and restless. It might even give you back and neck pains in the long run, which can alter your quality of life and stress you out. Saggy mattresses might need to be replaced, but if you do not have enough budget to do just yet, then make sure to follow these tips so you would not have to deal with it soon.

Today, we will show you how you can keep your mattresses free from damages and sagging, which is important when buying beds online here in Brisbane.

Replace the Springs

Sometimes, your bed's springs just need to be replaced to get rid of the sagginess. Buying a whole box of replacement springs is definitely a lot cheaper than buying a whole new mattress in general, so you might want to try this solution out first.

If you are not sure how to replace the springs on your mattress, then call a professional who can do so instead. Trying to do it yourself might cause a lot more damage to the mattress, which you definitely would want to avoid.

Turn it Over

To avoid your mattress from sagging altogether, make sure to flip it over every once in a  while. This will help you keep your mattress' proper shape and form in its perfect condition. You can simply turn the mattress over without flipping it during the first cycle, so you can swap the position of the foot of the bed for the head of the bed.

For the second cycle, you can try flipping it over. For the third cycle, you can try and flip it again so the head of the bed will be on the foot for a change.

Have it Checked

To prevent your bed from sagging, the best thing that you can do is to have it maintained and checked by a professional every once in a while. You can try doing it yourself, but you have to make sure that you will be able to return everything into place once you are done checking it.

Take a look at the box springs and the slats of the frame every now and then. See if they are still in good condition so you can have it replaced if need be. The springs should still be able to have a little bit of give to it, and the slats should not be warped at all.


Replace the Slats

If you've checked the slats and find them to be warped, then it might be time to have them replaced. You can add one or two slats to give your mattress extra support, especially if your bed has a little bit of sagging present on it.

Ask your local hardware or bed mattress supplier as to what type of slats you should use to keep your bed from sagging.

Whether you have a memory foam mattress or a regular one, you should make sure to have it checked every once in a while so you would not have to worry about it sagging. Always replace what needs to be replaced ASAP so you would not have to buy a new mattress.

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