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How to Make Your House More Functional

Our home has always been linked to our overall well-being. The way it is designed and the way we arrange the things within our homes can significantly affect our mood. Hence, it is highly important that we take careful consideration of the things that we put into our home. Likewise, we should also carefully think of our home design, giving more focus on aspects that can make our daily grind easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable to perform.

Basically, when designing your home, the following should be considered: space, form, line, lighting, texture, color, and pattern. By combining and integrating each of these elements into the home design, you may just be able to construct the perfect home not only for you but for your loved ones as well. Of course, apart from these elements, you should also make your home as functional as possible. This can be done by integrating certain fixtures that can make your home the best dwelling place there is.

Below are some fixtures that you must have in your home if you want to have it upgraded and if you want to improve its functionality.


Also known as the sanitary system, a drain-waste-vent (DWV) is an important plumbing system that should be installed in every home. Comprised of pipes, drains, and vents, a DWV system is where waste from toilets, kitchen sinks, and showers go after they are flushed out. The installation of DWV systems is regulated by plumbing laws and regulations to ensure that proper safety and sanitation guidelines are followed. Regulations include guidelines on the fixture’s height, pipe size, and slope. Due to the complexity of this system, installation should be done by a licensed plumber.

Water Leak Alarms

These mechanisms help detect water leaks that may happen inside and outside the home. Having one of these devices at home can help save on water bills, preventing sudden surges that may occur due to unnoticed leak problems. Some water leak alarms are easy to use and install while others may require the assistance of a plumber to be installed.

Water leak devices come in different types. These include flood sensors, flow meters, and acoustic sensors. Flood sensors are the most common type. They are also the easiest to install. These mechanisms are often installed in areas that are prone to flooding. They detect leaks caused by faulty pipes and water-based appliances. Other sensors of these types may also be able to detect pipes that are about to burst, allowing people to take counteractive measures even before it happens.

Flow meters are sensors that are attached to the plumbing system. They are used to measure the flow of water inside the pipelines. They monitor the real-time consumption rate of water and when they detect unusual behavior or water flow, they send alerts.

Acoustic sensors are installed along the water distribution lines. They detect water leaks through the distinctive noise or vibration generated by the water when it seeps through a fissure. Acoustic sensors are usually used in industrial environments that have a complex network of water pipelines.

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Smart Locks and Security Systems

These devices add a whole new level of protection to your home. Smart locks allow people to remotely lock and unlock their homes and to set up emergency automation that triggers when suspicious movements are detected. With smart locks, people are confident that no one will be able to enter their home without their consent.

Some smart locks have features that allow homeowners to program their door locks to lock automatically after a span of seconds and to unlock with just a touch from an authorized person.

Apart from Smart Locks, new innovations on security cameras are also a must in every home. Security cameras provide high-level security by deterring criminals from entering the home. They aid the police in identifying intruders in case burglary does occur through the videos and images they generate. Security cameras also provide people an easy way to check on their families, pets, or their property even when they are away.

Light Fixtures

The type of lighting fixtures you put in your home can impact the overall ambiance of your abode. Lighting is one of the most powerful tools that can be used in creating a functional home. Excellent lighting can illuminate certain parts of your house properly at night and can make your home look livelier. Poor lighting, on the other hand, may exude a darker mood around the property. They may also pose a safety hazard to people at night. Therefore, when choosing lighting fixtures for your home, make sure that they offer the convenience and the functionality you need.

You can also make your home more functional by integrating smart cabinets and other smart technologies. From refrigerators to ovens to floor cleaning machines, you can always choose to go modern and choose innovative designs that can greatly impact your overall quality of life at home.

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