Winter frost

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

When winter starts to roll in, people often think about how they can prepare their home. Many of them, however, only focus on hanging up Christmas lights and bringing in the Christmas tree. But there is more to it than that. You need to make sure your home can brave the harsh winter elements. Here are some tips to help protect your house in winter.

Clean Your Gutters and Check the Downspouts

After the fall season, you should double-check your gutters before the snow falls in winter. Frozen leaves and icicles can weigh down and damage your gutters. Plus, snow can create ice dams. Make sure your gutters are free from debris, so rainwater and snow drain easily. Also, check if your downspouts move the rainwater away from your house. Doing this can prevent water and moisture from damaging your foundation.

Prepare to Remove Snow

While a blanket of snow may look lovely in your front yard, you are quickly going to hate it once you need to leave the house. Don’t try to remove the snow yourself with a shovel, as it can take a lot of energy and time. Plus, heavy amounts of snow can lead to many accidents. The most efficient and quickest option is to hire a snow removal company. Make sure to save a reliable company’s number, so you can get their service whenever you need it.

Protect Outdoor Items

If you have outdoor furniture that you cannot bring inside, there is a great way you can protect them. You could buy furniture covers, but those can come at a price. You can use big plastic bags for a more affordable solution instead.

If you want to avoid getting rust on metal deck furniture during the winter, you can apply some petroleum jelly on rust-prone areas. You can also use the petroleum jelly to put a thin layer on the outdoor light bulb’s threads.

Look for Drafts

If you want your home to stay energy-efficient during winter, make sure to look for drafts. If you notice that you keep cranking up the heat, but your house is still cold, you might have a draft. You can make your home 20% more energy-efficient by making sure it is well sealed. A caulking gun can easily seal small leaks in places like windows, ducts, plumbing vents, and doors. However, you may need a professional to help you deal with larger holes.

Clean Your Fireplace

Chimney sweeper on the roof of a house in an attempt of chimney sweeping

You may be excited to put wood into a fireplace and light it up, but you need to get your chimney and fireplace inspected first before you use it. Professionals can look for dangerous elements and perform a chimney sweep to remove any debris and creosote. If you use an unclean fireplace, it could release carbon monoxide into your home and potentially create a house fire. It is also recommended to get your chimney cleaned and swept once a year.

There is more to preparing your home for winter than decorating it with Christmas decor. Make sure you follow the tips above to protect your home during winter.

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