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How to Successfully Order a Custom Cake

Special occasions always call for a good cake. It’s even a lot better when you order a custom-made cake, and this will definitely make the celebrant feel loved and important. If you are planning on ordering a custom cake design online for a special party or event, then make sure to keep these things in mind.

Make the Instructions Clear

If you are ordering a custom-made cake, then you should make sure that you have every single information that you need. This includes the design and layout of the cake, the actual pictures if you want them on the cake, the celebrant’s birthday and age, and your message for them. You might also want to let the shop know how many attendees you are expecting so they can gauge how big the cake should be. Flavours, colours, and other customization details are important, too, so list those in advance.

Don’t Rush It

Do not wait for the day before the event before ordering the cake. A customized cake usually takes a lot longer to make, which is why you should order it way in advance — preferably a week before having it delivered. If you are planning on having a huge cake made, then consider ordering about a month before. This will help the shop prepare for it properly, as they need to plan for it and buy all of the ingredients and products needed to make the cake.

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Know the Costs

Customized cakes are a bit more expensive than usual cakes, and you definitely have to be prepared for this. Look for custom-cake prices online and see how much your budget for it should be. You can also call the bakeshop and ask for a quote regarding the cake that you are planning on ordering. Again, make sure that you have all of the details ready so you can relay them all to the shop easily.

Have a Proper Plan for Getting the Cake

If the shop offers delivery, then you might want to opt for that, as cake deliveries can be tricky. You would not want your cake to be destroyed right before the party, so leave it to the experts when it comes to the delivery. However, if they do not offer delivery, then make sure to have someone hold the cake while you drive or vice versa. If the cake is huge, then you might want to hire a same-day courier to help you with getting the cake delivered.

Communicate Properly

It is important to communicate with the shop, especially since this is a custom-made cake that we are talking about. If you see anything wrong with the cake once it gets delivered, make sure to mention it to the shop to give them a chance to explain. If they offer to resolve it, then go ahead and take the offer.

Cakes are usually common during parties, but custom-made cakes make the event even more special. Order yours now and see your loved one’s face light up once they see it.

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