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How Traveling and Being in New Places Can Help You Relieve Post-Rehab Anxiety

The world does seem changed and feels like a new place when you’re coming out of rehab. It feels like forever to pull out the pieces that were rotting you and put them back together, to be wholesome by your ‘self’ once again. When something you consume starts consuming you from the inside out, it changes the very perspective of people when they visualize you. Some have been through the loss of someone too dear, some have been through trauma that left a pulsating wound not only on the body but the soul, and some have been given the decree of borderline junkies.

Anyways, from waiting outside the liquor store to puking your liver out, you make it to one of the rehabilitation centers, and you’re ready to get back on the wagon. You’ve left the pursuit of the next bottle or the next pill. But being mentally locked up in a place that obviously, no one likes can be torture to the soul. Your mind just plays all your bad decisions and experiences on repeat, and without your ‘fix,’ you’re just another black-eyed insomniac.

So when you get rid of this parasite from your body and brain, what do you do? Where do you go to first? Not the first pub you find, of course. You wouldn’t want the vicious cycle to start all over again. Would you? Try to get away from the life that gave you this parasite. Try to be someplace that you can’t imagine in your mind. Maybe a place away from the steep nooks of the city.

Traveling does to your soul what a forced meditation can’t. Who knows, perhaps a different sky and air might send you into a meditative state, and you may open your eyes to changed thoughts and newfound patience.

So, why must you get going?

For a New Found Perspective

The days of rehab are spent in seclusion for the first time or with people that have problems of their own. Access to everything of the outside world that put you in rehab is cut. Now when you move out into the world, the same town you were in will not help you get over it. You might even fall back in with the same people and places, losing your control all over again and slowly drift back to the previous life.

Hence, gaining a new perspective towards the world can help you gain control over your reality. When you see different people from different cultures and breathe in wild places, you feel there is no need to be addicted to something or be sad about it. All unnecessary things you give importance to vanish behind the importance of a beautiful world.

For Healing Discoveries

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Why were you addicted to the drug you were using? One of the reasons that an addict would give is — To discover something other than the surrounding reality, an escapism from the problems. Well, there is something better. Travel is filled with such discoveries. Places that get you high, spiritually and mentally, can be a better way to find things about what’s outside and the real person inside. All the different sights, sounds, and smells in the air worldwide are bound to give you a different thought about yourself.

For Removing Limits on the Mind

A narrow mind is the worst troubles in society. As rehab continues, personalities get meaner, and thinking about the betterment of self leaves a selfish person behind. Not that it will cost you anything, but people would still not take you as a person to turn to. So go out into the world and learn the meaning of real loss and non-egoistic giving.

Drugs surely didn’t help at being open-minded. You finally learned that it’s a hoax. So, now is the time to let go of tell tales of faces, and find out for yourself, what it is to be selfless and to be present in everyone’s perspectives with an open mind. Travel will take you places not only on the planet but inside yourself, where you will find what you need to survive the world’s on-bound traumas and challenges.

Travel as far as you can and better if you could take the road less traveled to re-discover yourself.

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