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Expanding Your Horizons: How You Can Make the Most of the Lockdown

A worldwide lockdown defined 2020. There is a possibility of a repeat performance for this year because of the looming Covid Delta variant. Instead of being depressed by such news, why not take this as an opportunity for betterment?

You can avail yourself of several ways to improve yourself, such as creative writing courses and voice lessons. There are so many things that you can try while you are stuck at home. It will not only stave off cabin fever. But the information that you will gather from these classes can be used in your job. Here are a few things that you should try:

Advanced Spreadsheet Training

Both Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet have dramatically changed businesses. They have allowed entrepreneurs to manipulate data so that they can predict future sales.

You most likely already understand the basics of either program. But by undertaking advanced spreadsheet training, you can reconstruct existing formulae or functions so that they will better fit your company’s needs. When you go out of your way to make better excel processes, you will get some bonus points for the initiative.

Nail Art Classes

The lockdown prevented us from going to our favorite salon. Although there is no longer any mandate to stay at home, nail art will be an interesting skill to add to your resume.

Learning how to remove unsightly cuticles is necessary to maintain your hygiene. Knowing how to skillfully apply the nail polish requires some skill too. But you can express your uniqueness by creating a masterpiece on your nail.

You can easily acquire press-on nail kits. But their designs are not that unique. If you want everything on you to scream your attitude, you should create your nail art.



One of the most prevalent issues during the lockdown was cabin fever. The Singaporean Government published an article about cabin fever—its symptoms and some ways to combat it. The article mentioned that you should take deep breaths, exhale slowly and concentrate on your steps. When you do this, you are already practicing yoga.

If you haven’t tried it, you can use yoga not only to prevent cabin fever. But you can do yoga daily to combat stress and to create a better lifestyle for you. Yoga is known to give tranquility to the mind and vigor to the body.

Foreign Exchange

If you want to challenge yourself, you ought to take up classes on Foreign Exchange. Understanding the intricacies of the exchange of foreign currency will help you make wise investment decisions.

Foreign currencies go up and down daily. Traders earn from this movement. When you understand how they get their profit, you can also apply it to your investments. This would be a good class to enroll in before you buy stocks or bonds.

Foreign Language

The ability to speak another language is not just another party trick or a way to impress your date. On the contrary, knowing how to communicate well can be a step up the career ladder.

Considering that the world is becoming smaller, being multilingual can help you connect with a workmate from the other side of the world. It can also give you other job opportunities unavailable for those who only speak their mother tongue. Another positive effect of learning another language is that it can enlarge your brain. You will have better memory and become more creative.

Micropigmentation Training Courses

Enrolling in micropigmentation training courses can definitely keep boredom at bay. You can also earn money out of it. Another name for micropigmentation is permanent makeup. With the lockdown mandate easing, people have started going to the salons and other similar establishments. You should take advantage of this trend.

Being trained on micropigmentation will give you an edge over other salons. You can offer customers a way to temporarily hide receding hairlines or razor-thin eyebrows that will last longer than a day.

Baking Classes


Another good class to enroll in is baking. Several articles have mentioned that many people have tried baking during the pandemic. Although you can easily slip inside your nearest patisserie and grab any delectable creation, learning how to bake can benefit you.

Other than the fact that you can earn money with this skill, baking can be a good stress reliever. Although there has been no conclusive study on why baking can be a calming activity, it has been reported that people find the process relaxing.  Another reason is that you can decide to use healthier ingredients when you are the one baking.

A lot of online classes have popped out. Some were designed to be a one-day module, while others would take a few days. But no matter how long it will take, it would be nice to enroll in one of them.

The pandemic has allowed us to make ourselves better, so why not take advantage. It will not only stave off boredom but will also expand your horizons.

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