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Improve Your Home’s Atmosphere

We spend most of our time at home. It’s of utmost importance to keep it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Yet, it’s very easy to overlook this fact and let complacency creep it. Oftentimes, we let our house be cluttered and sooner than later we find ourselves enjoying the atmosphere of our homes less and less.

This, of course, affects our general well-being and productivity. At a time where most people work at home, keeping our domicile’s atmosphere as comfortable as possible is vital. While there are many factors, both psychological and environmental, it’s not outside our ability to improve the ambiance of our homes. Let’s look at some easy ways you can improve the feeling of your house, keeping it optimal for a comfy atmosphere.

Proper ventilation

If you ever feel sick or lethargic in your own house, then cleaning the air can be a solution. Impurities remain in the air and might cause sick building syndrome. This comes with a variety of illnesses that should and can be avoided. Getting your HVAC system tested and adjusted to maintain the best quality of air circulation is crucial so your family doesn’t end up breathing potentially toxic air that accumulates in common air conditioners.

Use natural light

Another often overlooked aspect of a room layout is natural light. Besides providing a lively feel to our homes, natural light also reduces health risks that come with the use of fluorescent lighting. The aesthetic benefits of natural light can’t be denied either, nothing highlights the design of a room than sunlight after all. For those with space with little to no windows, integrating mirrors or other reflective surfaces will immediately double the amount of natural light. Perhaps you can even save on the electricity bill.

Put ornamental plants

Plants do more than just clean the air. They provide a respite for our tired, screen-staring eyes and adds a natural feeling to our rooms. Many find the organic beauty of plants and flowers to be soothing and stress-relieving. Another benefit of having plants inside our houses is increased concentration and memory retention– something that’s welcome at a time when work or school-related productivity tasks happen at home. And the effects of plants are showing: more and more people are purchasing plants for decoration inside their homes.


Decluttering clothes

Having too much stuff surrounding you can be overwhelming. In this time of excess, we tend to accumulate things we don’t often use or even need at all. They just end up being cluttering our surroundings, making it harder for us to move around or get the things we usually need. So look around your house and see if you really need that stationary bicycle that’s just lying there. You’ll definitely feel a sense of lightness and relief.

Have cozy furniture

Having good, comfortable furniture is a given, yes. But have you ever thought about how much it can really change the atmosphere of your house? The sofa you got from your parents might be too big and bulky to actually be comfortable to use. Consider looking at furniture that’s better suited for you or your family. Perhaps a low coffee table is useful, especially if you like sitting around it while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Having the right furniture for your family’s collective size, and common use will go a long way. How often do we have to adjust to our chairs, thinking about how it’s always been like that so it must be okay?

Try aromatherapy

One subtle but significant way to give your house a relaxing feel is to utilize aromatherapy. If you’ve been to a cafe and find yourself appreciating the faint smell of coffee or that calming scent of old books in a library, then you know how powerful our sense of scent can be. Beyond the psychological effects however, aromatherapy also comes with a litany of health benefits: boosting the immune system, helps fight headaches and migraines, and a lot more. And with the wide variety of scented oils, you can essentially dial the scent of your space to your wants. Plus, with how affordable potpourris, oil burners, and diffusers are, there’s little reason not to include this in your living space.

Be mindful of your home’s atmosphere. It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting our house be in disarray. Being aware of how we feel inside the house, and making effort to improve it can go a long way in keeping ourselves healthy and our house cozy. After all, our house is our space, space we should always be comfortable in.

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