Installation Alternatives for Bathtubs

In most cases, taking a bath marks one of the most relaxing life’s pleasures. Getting the right bathroom is thus an essential element of modern properties. When putting together your bathroom, you cannot miss a bathtub if you are aiming for the highest levels of relaxation. When considering tubs for your property, you will get several alternatives in stores. When grouped according to experience, for instance, you will choose between soaking, standard, whirlpool, soaking, air, and walk-in tubs.

A whirlpool tub from a store in Utah has jets that are positioned close to the spots of a person’s muscles. These jets force water to soothe aching muscles and create a massage-like experience when using the tub. Air tubs, on the other hand, resemble whirlpool tubs but shoot air rather than water from their jets to spread out the bathwater and soothe muscles. Soaking tubs are deeper than standard tubs. Other than a classification by experience, bathtubs are classified according to their installation. The following are your bathtub option based on their installation.

Alcove Tubs

This is the most common installation option for bathtubs. Alcove bathtubs are installed within three walls with their fourth side open. The tubs have one finished side and three sides along a wall. They often include faucets and showerheads, making them one of the most versatile options. Alcove tubs are generally the most inexpensive option more so for those who are replacing their old bathtubs.

Freestanding Tubs

No wall borders these tubs on their sides but they instead stand on a base, feet or clawfoot tubs in the middle of your bathroom. Unfortunately, they will take up more space compared to other tubs. Freestanding bathtubs are typically challenging to fit with showerheads. They are nonetheless the most stylish choice for those with considerable bathroom space.

Corner Tubs

corner bathtub

These are three-sided tubs that are installed in the corner of your bathroom to save on your floor space. Two of these three sides of your tub will be walled while the third one is left open. Corner tubs are the best alternative for those with minimal space. Getting the right dimensions and shape for your corner tub is essential. You should thus get an expert’s input to ensure it fits your available bathroom space.

Drop-In Tubs

These are at times known as platform tubs and come as basic tub shells. They have no finished sides but are instead made so you can drop them into your designed bathroom frame to match the bathtub’s décor. The installation of a drop-in tub is one of the most expensive, but this is the best choice for those who want a tub that perfectly matches the rest of their bathroom décor. Undermount tubs are a variation of the drop-in tubs that have decks surrounding the tub’s rim to match it to your bathroom’s floor

Bathtubs are made of cast iron, steel, marble, copper or cast polymer. Even after picking the right installation choice from the above, you can go an extra mile with some extras to further boost your bathing experience. Tub lighting, digital controls, and speakers are some of the extra features you can have for your bathtub.

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