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Many people are not lucky enough to have straight, even teeth and a smile that they are proud of.  Fortunately, Invisalign from the dentist in Tunbridge Wells can help to achieve just that.  This guide explains what Invisalign is and how it can be of benefit to the patient both during and after the treatment has been completed.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that is much sought after because it is completely different to ordinary braces.  It features aligners made from ultra-soft plastic that are completely transparent and which are worn over the teeth, much like a retainer or a mouthguard.  Aligners are changed regularly as the teeth move into a better position until their job has been done.


This is arguably the biggest benefit of these braces.  The fact that they are invisible makes them an ideal choice for teenagers who are self-conscious and adults who do not want to reveal to others that they are having their teeth straightened later in life.

Easy to wear

Clear braces are often considered the most comfortable type to wear.  This is because they are made to match the exact shape and size of the individual patient’s teeth and mouth.  In addition, the plastic used is soft and malleable, making these braces much gentler than traditional ones with wires and brackets.

Rapid treatment

Treatment with invisible braces is usually relatively rapid when compared with other types of orthodontic options.  Many patients have the smile they desire within just a few months, rather than the year or two which can be the case with other types of braces.

The time required does vary between patients, therefore any prospective Invisalign candidate should ask the dentist about what they should expect before getting started.

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No diet restrictions

Other types of braces often rule out certain food types during treatment due to concerns about staining and getting debris stuck between the teeth and the braces.  The Invisalign patient does not have these kinds of restrictions, in fact, they can eat all their favourite foods as normal.  This is because aligners are taken out before eating, allowing complete freedom when it comes to enjoying food.

Clear braces should remain in place most of the time if they are going to do their job properly.  This means that the patient should not be taking them out for frequent snacks or drinks apart from water.  Therefore, although they can enjoy any food they like, there is an element of self-discipline required in terms of limiting eating to an approximate window of around two hours each day.

Confidence during and after treatment

Invisalign patients usually feel relatively confident during treatment, as they are not concerned about others noticing that they are having their teeth straightened.  The discreet nature of the braces means that they can carry on with life as normal, without having to explain anything to colleagues or friends.

Once treatment is complete, many patients find that they are much more confident about their smile and their appearance in general.  This can also improve their quality of life.

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