Is It Important to Create a Recharge Room in Your Office?

Stress has become the norm in every workplace. That’s why companies in Salt Lake City are finding ways to help employees find relief from all the pressure that comes with work. The dramatic shift in office design has led to several iterations that we currently see in every workplace. Aside from open-office layouts, we are also seeing water features and even dedicated task areas to give employees the chance to move around for a bit. One of the most common workspace designs that we see nowadays is the introduction of recharge rooms. But what are they exactly?

An Introduction to Recharge Rooms

Employees spend most of their waking hours thinking about work. That is why a lot of companies nowadays are trying to design smart offices to help their employees improve their well-being. As a result, they will not feel burned out—and that is where recharge rooms come into the picture.

Now, a simple cafe or chair grouping is not just a place to sit down. It is also an area where people can talk to one another as they sip a cup of coffee to get their juices flowing. These areas have high-quality office furniture that can provide your staff with a place to relax and unwind for a while. A recharge room can take on any form. While some companies want to dedicate their space as an area where they can nap, others are more focused on creating a room where employees can benefit both physically and mentally.

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Various Recharge Room Designs

Meditation room

This can be an empty room that has enough space to place a floor mat or a small table where they can put down their things. Meditation experts say that spending merely five minutes of your day in mindfulness can help you concentrate and even improve your sleep.

Game room

It may seem like an unimportant room, but there is a reason smartphones have game apps in them. Playing games on mobile devices is another way for players to tune out the world around them. So whether you are planning to design a room with a pixelated theme, it is always best to create an area where they can feel relaxed while playing. Do not forget to include a couple of bean bags so that they will have something else to sit on while lounging.

Spa room

This is another common theme that most companies use these days. They often hire professional massage therapists to help alleviate the employees’ tension when they need it most. Having this option can be helpful, especially to those who often suffer from migraines. It is beneficial to those who suffer from an aching back and muscles, too. Even setting up a massage chair can still do wonders, especially when it comes to relieving any pent-up tension and stress.

These are only a few ideas that you can consider when creating a recharge room for your office. There are other ideas out there that you can consider when creating a relaxation room for everyone. All you need to do is to understand how your employees spend their time off and whether you can somehow apply it to your company.

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