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Is straightening my teeth important?

Are your crooked teeth or pronounced overbite affecting your self-esteem? You’re not alone. In today’s world, with the explosion of social media, your smile is either an asset you want to show off to the world or something to hide.

By the time we’re adults, our teeth and jaw are fully developed. Fortunately, you aren’t stuck with your inherited misaligned pearly whites, thanks to modern orthodontics.

Braces in Windsor aren’t just for children’s teeth. Advances made in specialised dentistry have transformed archetypal braces, making them sleeker and more comfortable than before. Therefore, if you’re an adult or self-conscious teen, an orthodontic appliance is less of a stigma and more of a means to an end, which in this case, is a prize-winning smile.

What orthodontic appliance should I choose?

There’s no one-size-fits-all orthodontic appliance for everyone. You need a straightening device that assists with your unique orthodontic issue, preferences, and requirements.

Fortunately, you are spoilt for choice because there are several types of braces from which to choose.

Removable versus fixed appliances

Removable appliances are taking the world by storm, with brands such as Invisalign providing an alternative to conventional braces.

The advantages of using a removable appliance are its subtle design and removable nature, of course. If you’re looking for a discreet device that you don’t have to wear around the clock, this could be the device which you’ve been seeking.

The pitfalls to using this device are that it’s limited in what it can treat. For example, more complicated issues, such as severely rotated teeth and overbites, are usually addressed with standard straightening methods. Additionally, Invisalign devices may require attachments, which are visible to others and frustrating to the wearer.

Fixed orthodontics or conventional braces often receive a bad wrap because people envisage archetypal orthodontic appliances. However, early braces have evolved since then. Not only are current designs subtle, but also user-friendly.

You do have options if you hate the idea of having metal affixed to your teeth. Ceramic braces, for example, replace metal brackets with tooth-coloured ones. Ceramic braces are just as effective as ordinary ones; the only difference being the appearance. Lingual braces are another option. Instead of affixing a wiring system to the surface of the teeth; lingual braces are placed on the back and out of sight.

What could happen if I leave my teeth untreated?

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Fixing your teeth isn’t solely about enhancing your facial appearance. Cosmetic purposes aside, misaligned teeth and jaws can result in life-altering oral health issues.

  • Crooked teeth can interfere with chewing

If your poorly positioned pearly whites are getting in the way of what you can and can’t eat, braces can improve your chewing and bring back the joys of eating.

  • Puts your oral health and hygiene into jeopardy

Crooked or rotated teeth make it hard to remove all the plaque from your teeth, especially in those hard-to-reach spaces. Without caring for your teeth properly, you’re more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. By straightening your teeth, cleaning your teeth is made easier.

  • Affects mental health and emotional wellbeing

Bad teeth can knock your self-esteem. Straighten your teeth for a charming smile and boosted confidence.

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