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Keep It Rolling: Pandemic Roller Skating

As we deal with this pandemic, we are challenged to beat symptoms of cabin fever. What is cabin fever? This “condition” entails restlessness and irritability often caused by prolonged periods spent indoors or in a single place. Due to the implemented quarantine restrictions, cabin fever may be a common experience among communities today. This is why many individuals have been picking up various hobbies throughout the pandemic period.

Since the start of the pandemic, our peers and ourselves have explored many interests and hobbies. This includes baking, dancing, and gardening. One of the hobbies that have also sprouted out is a retro hobby: roller skating.

Roller skating has been making the rounds since the 1800s and has now been making a comeback. It has become a great sport that is good for kids and adults alike. You can do this out in your garage or even in your neighborhood street, as long as you follow COVID-19 protocols.

If you are looking for a new and active hobby to get into, this might be what you are looking for. What do you need to get started in roller skating?

Roller Skating Essentials

Skating is a fun way to stay active, spend time with family, and relieve stress. This physical exercise will allow you to explore your skills and boost your happy hormones, which are essential during these tough times. What do you need to acquire to get started in roller skating?

The first thing you need to do is to assess the location where you plan to skate. Although you will be using protective gear, you still need to make sure there aren’t any dangerous bumps on the neighborhood street or perhaps any road construction that may serve as hazardous obstacles during your skating session.

One of these hazards may be a manhole that needs a manhole coating service. You should contact your local community leader if any repairs are needed for a smoother road. This is essential in keeping you and your community safe at all times.

Apart from keeping your roads safe, there are some tools and gear that you will need to acquire before getting started.

As we are on the topic of safety, you will need protective gear before you get started on your skating journey. You will surely be falling a lot during your first few tries on your roller skates, so it is best to protect your joints at all times. You wouldn’t want to injure yourself amid a pandemic when it’s risky to go to hospitals. Don’t forget that protective gear involves a good quality helmet! Take care of your precious head!

You will also need socks when you skate. Since many skates go high up in the ankles, it is best to get calf- or knee-high socks to protect your skin. This is one of the fun aspects of skating because you get to choose whatever color or design you want. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your skate socks!

In maintaining your skates in good shape and proper running condition, you will need a multi-tool. This will allow you to adjust the bearings and any nuts and bolts that need repair. Keep this multi-tool with you every time you skate so that you can easily make adjustments on your roller skates without the hassle.

Lastly, you will need your skates. There are many skate brands out there as well as different types of skates. You are free to choose whatever type suits your taste and style. What are the different types of skates?

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Types of Skates

Before you jump into the skating bandwagon, of course, you will need to get yourself a pair of good skates. What type of skates is good for you? There are various types of skates, and you should do your research on what suits your style the most. Here are some skates that you can choose from.

Quad skates have different types. One of them is speed skates. The gears of speed skates focus on providing gears that emphasize how fast your skates would go. Their skates have low-cut designs that are a good feature for turning in corners. These speed skates are good for jam skating as well as speed skating.

There are also inline skates. These skates have wheels on one row, unlike quad skates that go on two rows with two wheels. Inline skates have three types. These are recreational skates, racing skates, and roller hockey skates.

Each type of roller skates has its distinct features. Before you purchase a pair, you should consider the type of skating you will be doing and where you will be skating. These factors will help determine what type of skates you need for your specific purpose.

Roller skating is a fun recreational activity that can also be a full-on sport. There have been many competitions surrounding roller skating, which shows that this activity has evolved from being a mere hobby. Try out roller skating during this time so that you can spend time with family through active means.

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