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Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and In Order

Have you been longing to sleep in a nice, tidy, and spotless bed? Then why not include this to your day-to-day How long has it been since you last saw your room minus the clutter and mess? A few weeks ago? Last month? Ages ago?

If you can barely remember when then it’s probably time you consider the idea of cleaning it up. To get you started with this task, here are a few advice you may be interested to know.

1. Make your bed first thing in the morning.

As soon as you wake up, practice this habit so you’ll automatically do it every time you get off to work or school. Doing this would certainly make your room look more attractive.

2. Change your beddings twice every month.

It will instantly give your room a fresh new look as well as improve the ambiance of your space. If you plan on shopping for new sheets and is stuck with which fabric to choose, is it bamboo sheets, cotton, silk or other materials, it’s important always to consider your personal preferences.

3. Wash your mattress.

Not only does your sheets need some cleaning, so is your mattress. Do it at least twice every year to get rid of dust and dirt that are left behind when you change the sheets. It’s important to do this task consistently to lessen the buildup of allergens as well as keep off pests to your slumber space.

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4. Don’t leave any of your stuff on the floor.

Instead, try to put them back into their respective places. Don’t wait until your belongings pile up and it’ll take too long to tidy up.

5. De-clutter.

For your side tables, drawers, and dressers keep them clear from any clutter. Throw away any item you no longer so they wouldn’t accumulate. Dust off every surface of your home at least once every week to improve the air quality inside your room.

6. Open up the windows.

This is to improve the ventilation in your room as well as avoid the musty smell from lingering inside. Letting in the fresh air and natural lights could also brighten up your place so be sure you do it.

7. Keep your closet in order.

Organize your clothes based on types and how often you wear them. If you think you lack in storage, try to invest in shelves and cabinets that will help you keep everything.

8. Find separate storage for your shoes.

As much as you want to keep everything in one place, you can’t simply mix your footwear with your clothes. Instead, find a nook where you could put them especially if you have winter boots because they can be a little bulky to keep.
These are just some advice you can use to keep things in your room in order. If you notice, most of these things are common knowledge. However, not everyone follows it. This is why you have to constantly remind yourself of the importance of having a clean and tidy room.

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