Kitchen Makeover Inspirations For 2020

The start of a new decade makes us all inspired to freshen up many aspects of our lives, including our home. Some of us may have made new beginnings by moving into a new residence, or have simply craved for a home makeover, such as a kitchen remodel.

A dated kitchen design typically lacks brightness and liveliness. Unnecessary wall dividers hinder a lot of light and airiness to the space, and old-fashioned cabinetry that’s close to falling apart obviously need to be replaced soon. Moreover, the outdated flooring may also be calling for a new, more refined and elegant fix.

That said, if one of your 2020 goals is to give your kitchen a well-deserved TLC, here are some makeover inspirations to rouse your creative minds.

1. Cherry Cabinets to All-White Minimalist Cabinets

Cherry cabinets may still be popular these days, but its dark tone makes a kitchen look a bit dull. If you feel more productive and happy in a space that’s brighter, tear down those cherry cabinets and replace them with custom cabinets from Orem or any other city. If you’re on a budget, you can simply repaint them into a shade of white you prefer.

2. Closed Off Kitchen to Open Concept Design

As mentioned, wall dividers in a kitchen impede a lot of light and airiness. If your kitchen is small, then those walls just make it more cramped. It’s also quite a dated look, so have those unnecessary divisions taken down to allow more light and air to the space, and to add more room for traffic as well. If the walls are filled with cabinetry, consider removing some and replace them with floating shelves. It will open up the space further and make it look more contemporary.

3. Unflattering Color Palette to Neutral Haven

If unusual color combinations aren’t just your aesthetic, and your kitchen, unfortunately, dons them, don’t lament in despair anymore, and have the entire space spruced up. Repaint or replace cabinetry with all-white, and add accessories with a neutral color palette, such as a vintage rug, a woven basket, and greens. You can also use your spices, cutting boards, spatulas, and wooden spoons as decor, since their color palettes also fall to the neutral category.

4. Complicated Layout to Workable Space

Some dated kitchens also tend to have a complicated layout, with odd angles and corners. Transform that into a more workable space to be able to navigate your kitchen more easily. Place your stove or sink by the window for a dose of natural light as you set to work. Swap out old and broken materials for fresh and new ones.

5. Plain White to Accentuated

All-white kitchens need not be white all throughout. Accentuate the space by painting the island into another color, such as a navy or dusty blue. If the barstools are all white as well, swap them out for a more appealing color, like wood tones or leather. Stock up on brightly colored decor as well, like vases and fruit bowls. Draw attention to your lighting, too; install cute, statement pendant lights above the island.

6. Dull Contemporary to Luxe French Style

modern kitchen

Even if contemporary exhibits the current trend, its aesthetic may not be for everybody. If you wish to give your contemporary kitchen a touch of a classic French country style, incorporate metallics all over the space such as gold floating shelves, and wooden elements like a dark wooden kitchen island. Put up black accents as well, like a black stove and hood. Make your countertops and cabinetry white to make all the pops of color float. The result would be a gorgeous, opulent design.

Now that you’ve been inspired by these amazing kitchen makeover ideas, you can use them for reference when you start to have yours remodeled. Make 2020 a jollier cooking year for you by basking in a refreshed and beautiful kitchen.

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