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Let ‘Em Shine, Let ‘Em Last: Taking Care of Your Dress Shoes and Leather Sneakers

Some fashion mavens and people with impeccable sartorial tastes always invest in long-lasting items, especially when it comes to footwear. And if you’re a self-confessed or self-proclaimed style enthusiast, you are likely to have a collection of leather shoes — ranging from dress shoes to Doc Martens and Common Projects.

Leather shoes are designed to last long. They are made to weather a lot of circumstances, situations, and dirt. However, that does not mean that you will treat them like gumboots with steel toe caps. While your leather footwear is a utilitarian item, it still needs the care it deserves to last long.

If you do not have an idea on how to take care of your leather shoes, take a look at the following pointers:

Clean, clean, clean

Arguably, the most important tip that you need to keep in mind is to make sure that your leather shoes are clean. Remember, however, that different leather types require specific methods of cleaning. For smooth leathers, a damp wipe (preferably using a leather cleaner) can help you get rid of dirt easily. If you have suede shoes, use suede cleaners for dirt that has set in. For dust and hard soil, using a soft rubber suede brush should do the trick. Choose your cleaning solution carefully, as the wrong one may cause damage to the color and the material of your shoes.

Keep them in shape

Leather wrinkles, and it’s just a natural phenomenon. But the wrinkles and creases may deform your shoes if you do not take necessary action. In this regard, you need to use shoe trees, which help retain the shape of your footwear. Those that are made of cedarwood and similar materials may also help deodorize your shoes. If you think that wooden shoe trees are expensive, you may go for plastic ones. Some improvise by stuffing crumpled paper or cushion within their shoes.

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Condition them

You want your leather footwear to look crisp and new. And this is something that you can do by conditioning the leather. In this case, you need to use high-quality leather wax to keep the shoes shining. Such wax also increases the protection from dirt and moisture. Again be careful with your choice of wax and applicators, as some can potentially destroy the upper and alter its color.

Store them properly

Since your shoes are in rotation, some of your leather fairs will not be used in the meantime. You ought to store them properly. Again, use shoe trees to keep the shape, but you also need to store them in clear plastic boxes with proper ventilation. Avoid storing them in dark and damp areas, as molds may grow on them, thus destroying the color and integrity of the leather.

Make care a habit

Leather is a tough material. But it gets tougher and more durable when you take care of it properly. This may sound like a chore, but caring for your leather shoes the right way must become a habit.

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