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Leveling Up Your Style: What to Wear This Season?

We’ve finally arrived at the end of the cold and chilly season, which means it’s time to discard the sweatpants and winter layers you’ve been holding on to all this time. But with that comes a new seasonal conundrum: what to wear?

This year, the stakes are exceptionally high, given that the majority of travel restrictions in most states are lifted, and people, especially the vaccinated ones, are allowed to resume social life following 16 months of confinement indoors. It goes without saying that having a good rotation of go-to outfits, stylish swimwear, colorful bow headbands, and comfortable tank tops is now essential.

Maintain simplicity with your whites

When it comes to fashion, the adage that less is more is something you can never go wrong with. Thus, including this light and airy item on your list is a no-brainer. Because of its simplicity, a white, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable outfit can be worn with nearly any ensemble. Such fabric is a fantastic choice for warm, hot summer days.

To make whites work for you, choose a style that flatters your body shape and accessorizes properly. To get a more casual style, choose simple silhouettes and combine them with trainers or sandals. Dress up your look with textured fabrics and bright outerwear for a more sophisticated appearance.

Make a statement with a shirt featuring a tie-front

This is a summer fashion staple revamped with a modern touch and one of the must-have summer items. Because summer is all about simple ensembles, it’s always a good rule of thumb to stick with your old pieces with some modern twist. The comfort and convenience of traditional tees are retained, but the addition of a distinctive characteristic makes the garment seem new and exciting.

They look great paired with straight-leg trousers or blue jeans and sandals. It is a style that can be sported anywhere a casual-chic set is required.

Incorporate a playful eyelet accent

The eyelet fabric, which is woven with small hole patterns, is a summer fashion favorite because of its lightweight and breathable property while being stylish. Furthermore, the details put through eyelets improve the whims and charm of any preferred outfits. Pair your tee with crop-flared denim and pieces that draw attention to the feminine nature of the entire ensemble, such as a flowery handbag or block heel shoes, for a more trendy look.

Subtle jewelry is a good choice.

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If you want to make a statement with your accessories this season, consider going for trendy pieces that never go dull and complement your individuality while still appearing great in your attire. For example, you can explore the option of pairing a black and white striped tee with a red-colored skirt topped with a piece of dainty gold jewelry. Alternatively, trendy silver hoops or rings may be worn with a beautiful breezy navy shirt dress to complete the look.

You can also show your own taste through a range of loud patterns, such as animal prints or polka dots, by choosing jewelry with a hint of shine to complement the style.

Complete your summer style with belt bags

Although it is still acceptable to carry large and oversized bags, that trend has been placed on hold for the duration of this great season. Wearing a tiny yet stylish leather belt bag with your summer outfit is the best way to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Belt bags have become quite popular due to their practicality and usefulness. After all, pleasant summer days are much better with a striped dress topped with muted pouch belt bags around your waist for a more convenient and trendy style.

Complement your summer ensemble with fashionable eyewear

It is impossible to count the phases of innovation and evolution that sunglasses have gone through. Nowadays, there is basically something made for everyone, every occasion and every season. Not only does it protect your eyes from the bright rays of the sun, but it also adds a centerpiece for your summer outfit.

There are plenty of shapes, sizes, and even colors to choose from. To make it more suitable for you, consider checking the best shape to complement your face shape. For example, rectangular and rounded bottoms look great on people with oval and circle face-shape, while those with square frames can pull off an aviator and oversized ones.

Now is the ideal time to transform and update your wardrobe to high mode with summertime officially here. The hottest season is all about enjoying the moment while also looking absolutely stunning. Simply pairing innovative and distinctive accessories with clothing that makes you feel your best can take your road trips, beach days, city escapades, and wherever you want to go to the next level of summer fashion.

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