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Lifestyle Trends of Millennials and Generation Z

All generations are defined by their beliefs and behaviors towards each other, those in power, and society as a whole. Correspondingly, these credences and practices stem from issues like political and economic conditions, employment, and culture.

With that in mind, let us dive into three of the most relevant lifestyle trends of Millennials and Zoomers today.

Non-Invasive Treatments

The earliest instances of plastic surgery date back to the sixteenth century. At the time, the vast majority of these procedures were done to either fix birth defects or treat individuals after an accident. Two hundred years later, cosmetic operations were first performed as a means of making someone more youthful-looking and “beautiful.”

Today, millions of people worldwide have procedures every year to enhance areas that need enhancement, trim excess fat, look more western or eastern, and everything in between. Countries like South Korea and Brazil are famous for welcoming European, American, and Japanese men and women who want to stand out and look at themselves in the mirror with pride.

Still, for Millennials and members of Generation Z, things are a bit different. While they also want to feel confident about their physicality, they would much prefer it if it came the natural way.

And it’s not only external beauty we are talking about. It also includes general medicine. For instance, a person suffering from spinal cord problems would rather engage in physiotherapy for scoliosis than go under the knife or take medicinal drugs. Other examples include practices like acupuncture, cupping, meditation, and herbal treatments.

A Search for the Truth

When it comes to reliability in the news, different people have different opinions. Some think that what you watch on television every night is closest to the events actually happening. After all, these are well-respected news channels owned by private companies with a long history of transparency.

Others prefer reading something in a newspaper or listening to it on the radio. The reasons are very similar to those stated above.

Lastly, a third group is much more inclined to search for information online. Even if everyone knows that the internet is flooded with spam and misinformation, at least there is a long list of options to choose from.

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For Zoomers and Millennials, none of these things are enough. Just because a top politician, a celebrity, or anybody else says something, it doesn’t entail it is true. Needless to say, people do things for personal benefit, regardless of the position they are in.

For younger generations, it is all about the truth. They want the truth from their governments and corporations. And if they don’t get it, they are willing to go out on the streets, protest, and stand their ground for what they believe.

Global Interdependence

There is a reason why many people say that old men are stuck in their ways. For one reason or another, males 60 and above are usually inflexible to change, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, or anything else. It also happens to women, but curiously, the numbers are much less.

Now, this doesn’t matter in most cases. People are free to do and believe whatever they want to believe, irrespective of whether you agree with it or not. The problem comes when these individuals are in a position of power and are responsible for driving change. And, as we all know, most politicians and leaders of state in most nations are old men.

If there is one thing globalization and the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that we cannot make it on our own. We cannot survive if we do not help each other out.

Young people understand this. They recognize that cultural, language, racial, or any other differences shouldn’t impede collaboration. Rather, they are what make us strong. If two people can do different things and have diverse ideas, they can accomplish much more than two individuals who are the same.

Millennials and Zoomers also realize that nationalistic tendencies are a thing of the past. While a passport determines where you are from, it doesn’t represent who you are or what you believe.

We have taken a look at three key lifestyle trends for millennials and Generation Z members. The first is the reliance on non-surgical treatments and procedures to heal physical and mental ailments and look better. The second is an incessant search for the truth. Finally, the last one highlights the need for global collaboration across all levels of society.

The future is in the hands of those who are younger than we. Whatever they choose to believe in and decide on doing, it will have a tremendous impact on society for the years to come.

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