Living the High Life in a Winter Wonderland

This coming winter, kill two birds with one stone by planning a trip to a ski mountain. You can check “going on a ski trip with your friends or family” on your bucket list along with “finally learning how to ski and gliding down the slopes.”

Many ski resorts offer beginners and amateur skiers, so find one that can offer their services at a reasonable price. For good measure, include checking the available amenities and feedback on the resort’s pages before you book your stay.

Ensure that they conduct regular maintenance through the resort or hire snow removal walk crews to clear out paths for their guests. It won’t be an extreme measure if you also check the resort’s online reputation to ensure that no one has ever gotten lost in the mountains.

Enjoy the Altitude

The only reason you would travel all this way to see cascading slopes and trails is to ski your heart out. Or maybe even dabble in snowboarding if you’re a fan of extreme sports. Either way, you should enjoy the altitude and the fresh air away from the cities’ pollution.

Not only are these fun and exciting activities, but they are also great ways to break a sweat during winter. Skiing and snowboarding are both sports that require the use of your entire body. So you can be having fun, exercising, and working on your balance all at the same time.

Don’t worry about falling flat on your back while you learn the sports. It’s not as easy as it looks, so you should give yourself some room for failure. The important thing is that you enjoy your time away from your responsibilities, even if it means spending half that time getting up from falling.

Release Your Inner Child

What’s the use of being on the slopes if you don’t even attempt to make angels on the fallen snow? Life is too short not to allow your inner child to break free once in a while and make snow angels every time you can do it.

There are so many activities you can do with snow alone. You can start a snowball fight with your friends or family and turn it into a fun competition. Or you can make a funny snowman with the kids and top it off with a carrot nose.

You’re on this holiday trip so that you can relax and break away from your responsibilities as an adult. On this mountain, you are a kid seeing snow for the first time once again. Don’t think about what other people will say about what you’re doing and do everything that makes you happy.

Keep Yourself Warm

hot chocolate

Winter feels incomplete without a mug of steaming hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows warming up your gloved hands. It just won’t feel right. So take this opportunity to treat yourself to hot chocolate at least once or twice during your trip, but of course, no one can stop you if you drink it with every meal.

If you prefer a stronger drink to pair with the cool winter air, then you can also drink wine, scotch, or whatever alcoholic drink you want while you pass the time. Surely you can find a bar or a pub that can serve you drinks on top of the mountain. Ask the locals if you really can’t find one on your own.

A relaxing dip in a hot tub will be the perfect way to cap off your trip to a ski mountain. Most resorts offer hot tub amenities to their guests and visitors, so ask the staff regarding it. Hopefully, you packed some swimwear along with all those parkas you brought.

Strut Your Stuff

More than wanting to ski or make snow angels on the ground, showing off your winter collection should be on the list of things you want to do during this trip. And do not say that you have no clue about what this is because all the fur coats, scarves, and oversized sweaters sitting in your closet at home will say otherwise.

This is your chance to feel like you’re on the runway as you strut your winter couture clothes and actually fit right in. That style might be too much for everyday situations and for walking around the city, but you’re on top of the mountain with great scenic views. Don’t waste it!

The most important thing about this trip is that you enjoy yourself. For the few days that you’ll be on top of the mountain, try to forget about the responsibilities weighing you down and just be. Do what makes you happy and carefree so that when you finally go back to regular programming, you’ll be ready.

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